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About Laboratory Diagnostics Co.

Moscow State University

Closed Joint Stock Company Laboratory Diagnostics was founded in 1997 by a group of graduates and scientists of the famous Lomonosov University of Moscow (Moscow State University). The company supplies reagent kits and equipment to diagnostic centers, clinical research centers and medical laboratories. Products brought by Laboratory Diagnostics to Russia are always from the cutting edge of the modern diagnostic science, whether to be used for routine assays in hospital labs or for sophisticated studies relying on high technologies.

The company acts as a distributor of several renowned manufacturers of diagnostic products:

ABclonalAcro Biosystems
DRGFine Biotech
Giles ScientificHamilton
ImplenInstrumentation Laboratory
MESOne Lambda
OriGeneOrtho CD J&J
PanomicsPaul Hartmann
ProSpecSanta Cruz
TegafermThermo Fisher Scientific


If you are a manufacturer and you would like us to distribute your products please contact us.


Products available from Laboratory Diagnostics use different methods (clinical chemistry, immunoturbidimetry, coagulation, immunoassay and molecular biology) and make possible to perform almost any diagnostic test in the following branches of medicine:

Infectious diseases
Autoimmune pathologies


All products offered by Laboratory Diagnostics have been registered with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, based on trials conducted in laboratories of the leading medical universities and clinical research centers of Russia.

Our company has retained financial stability in spite of the crisis, and we are enjoying the confidence of our domestic customers and foreign partners.

Laboratory Diagnostics is proud to serve on a regular basis the Medical Center of the Administration of the President of Russia, the Diagnostic Center of the Joint Cheafs of Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, the Medical Center of GAZPROM, the Outpatient Hospital of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, and the Medical Center of the Bank of Russia.  We have customers all over Russia, from Kaliningrad to South Sakhalin.  Whatever the location of the customer, our department of logistics will ensure prompt delivery to any point on the map of our country (and beyond).

Direct contacts with the manufacturers allow us to keep affordable prices for products of the highest quality. It is our hope that in spite of today's difficulties we are helping medical institutions to provide excellent medical service.

We are advising our customers on the use of the products purchased (relevant literature is mailed upon request).  The instruments are maintained and served by manufacturer-certified engineers.  If there is a need in firsthand training, we send the customers abroad, to our respected suppliers.


Laboratory Diagnostics Co.

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