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Набор Kinetic Apoptosis (Flow Cytometry)

Kinetic Apoptosis Kit (Flow Cytometry)

  • Product nameKinetic Apoptosis Kit (Flow Cytometry)
    See all Annexin 12 kits
  • Sample type
    Adherent cells, Suspension cells
  • Assay typeQuantitative
  • Product overview

    Abcam's Kinetic Apoptosis Kit (Flow Cytometry) is based on pSIVA TMtechnology. pSIVATM (Polarity Sensitive Indicator of Viability & Apoptosis) is an Annexin XII-based polarity sensitive probe for the spatiotemporal analysis of apoptosis and other forms of cell death. pSIVATM binding is reversible which enables researchers to detect irreversible as well as transient phosphatidylserine (PS) exposure.

    PS exposure is a hallmark phenomenon occurring early during apoptosis and persisting throughout the cell death process and it often considered to be irreversible. However, transient PS exposure is increasingly being recognized as a phenomenon in its own right and described to occur during both normal physiological processes and reversible or rescuable apoptotic/cell death events.

    The pSIVATM assays are very straightforward: add pSIVA-IANBD or pSIVA-IANBD + Propidium Iodide (PI) directly to cells or tissues, incubate and analyze.

  • Notes

    pSIVA TM is conjugated to IANBD, a polarity sensitive dye that fluoresces only when pSIVA is bound to the cell membrane. pSIVA-IANBD fluorescence is measured using conventional FITC filter sets. pSIVA-IANBD applications include flow cytometry and live cell fluorescence microscopy imaging (ab129817).

    The manual contains detailed information about the pSIVA technology and protocols; please read the manual prior to beginning your experiments.

     Visit Abcam's Kinetic Apoptosis Kits page to learn more about the mechanism of these kits.


  • Tested applicationsFlow Cytmore details


  • Components100 tests
    10X Binding Buffer 1 x 2ml
    10X PBS Buffer 1 x 5ml
    Propidium Iodide Staining Solution 1 x 125µl
    pSIVA-IANBD 1 x 125µl


Our Abpromise guarantee covers the use of ab129816 in the following tested applications.

The application notes include recommended starting dilutions; optimal dilutions/concentrations should be determined by the end user.

Flow Cyt   Use at an assay dependent concentration.


Kinetic Apoptosis Kit (Flow Cytometry) images

  • Use of Kinetic Apoptosis Kit (pSIVA-IANBD) in Jurkat cells.

    1. Untreated: Primarily negative indicating healthy cells. The small positive population represents the basal level of cell death in the culture.

    2. Staurosporine (1 h): Large positive population indicating active apoptosis. Staining in the ‘negative’ population gate has spread out, indicating movement towards cell death.

    3. Staurosporine (3 h): Nearly the entire population is positive, indicating massive cell death.


References for Kinetic Apoptosis Kit (Flow Cytometry) (ab129816)

This product has been referenced in:
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