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VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case
Water analysis - it’s that simple

The VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case is especially designed for schools and caters to the needs of both students and teachers. All reagents are approved to be used in schools in Germany (GUV-SR 2004 directive) and can be disposed of easily just down the drain without any harm to the environment. The case contains 6 colorimetric and titrimetric tests for at least 50 determinations each to determine the most important water parameters

The newly developed tests are based on our proven VISOCOLOR® system and were developed as high quality VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL test specifically for schools.

This VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case contains the following test kits:
Parameter Range
Ammonium 0,2 - 3 mg/L NH4+
Hardness (total) 1 drop = 1 °d
Nitrate 1 - 90 mg/L NO3-
Nitrite 0,02 - 0,5 mg/L NO2-
pH 4,0 - 9,0
Phosphate 0,5 - 15 mg/L PO43-
Great features – incredible price
 •  Maximum safety due to exact labeling of all reagents
 •  Safe results using color and turbidity compensation
 •  Especially stable and rugged case as well as chemical resistant foam inlaye
 •  High sensitivity down to the values of German drinking water standards
 •  Safe for the environment and easy disposal of used tests
Precise color matching with all-in-one color scale
Easy test procedures with pictogram instructions
Extensive manual with valuable background information


Optionally, the case can be equipped with a pack of pH-Fix or QUANTOFIX® test strips as well. Thus, the VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case is the ideal tool for projects revolving around water and water analysis in any science class.
Ordering information
VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL reagent case
including all necessary reagents and accessories for ammonium, total hardness, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and pH, manual and color scale
REF 933 100
VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL refill pack REF 933 200
VISOCOLOR® SCHOOL color chart REF 933 300
(German / English)
REF 933 150
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