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Каталог продукции
  Клеточные технологии и
  Стволовые клетки (Stem Cells)  
  Общая информация
  Выделение стволовых клеток:
  · Сортер клеток MoFlo  
  · Опыт применения  
  Тестирование стволовых клеток:
  · Бак. Анализ на стерильность  
  · Вирусная и бактериальная диагностика  
  · HLA - генотипирование  
  · Проточная цитометрия  
  · Типирование эритроцитов пуповинной     крови (cord blood) 
  · Флуоресцентная микроскопия  
  Реагенты для культивирования,   анализа и дифференцировки   стволовых клеток:
  · Производства Dako  
  · Рекомбинантные белки (Prospec) 
  Оборудование для культивирования   стволовых клеток:
  · Роботизированный комплекс HAMILTON 
  · Innovatis Cellscreen 
  Гематология и трансфузиология
  Иммуноферментный анализ (ИФА)
  Клиническая биохимия
  Молекулярная диагностика
  Мультиплексный анализ  
  Оборудование для биохимии и
  молекулярной биологии
  Общелабораторное оборудование
  Пищевая промышленность  
  Программное обеспечение  
  Проточная цитометрия
  Рекомбинантные белки
  Репродуктивные технологии
  Секвенирование NGS
  Сортировка клеток
  Цитогенетическая диагностика

/ Каталог / Клеточные технологии и технологии для работы с клетками / Микроскопы. Микроскопическая техника / ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SCIENCES - Продукты для гистологии, световой микроскопии и электронной микроскопии / Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

Microscope Slide Storage Boxes, Trays, and Holders

Microscope Slide Storage Boxes, Trays, and Holders

mBox® – microarray handlingarrow10mBox® in Microarray Slide Handling

Using mBox® – microarray handling without removing slides!

  • Immerse 20 slides in liquid during blocking, denaturating, and post-arraying.
  • It separates and prevents slide damage during shipping and processing.
  • Optimally designed rack spacing for easy slide removal.
  • Fits standard microtiter plate formats for centrifuging.
  • Manufactured to prevent slide contamination.
  • A convenient removable handle available.


mBox withstands boiling water without softening

Material Polypropylene
Maximum continuous use temperature 220°F (104°C)
Melting point 334°F (168°C)
Measures 5" L x 3½"W x 1½" H (127mm x 89mm x 38mm)


72188-01 The mBox® each

Slide Drying Rackarrow11Slide Drying Rack

The inclined acrylic slide rack is used for draining and drying microscope slides. It accomodates 50 microscope slides in 10 slots.

Dimensions are 8.2W x 8.5D x 2.0H (front) x 4.45H (rear).

70311 Slide Drying Rack each

microscope slide dispenserarrow12Microscope Slide Dispenser

Molded of attractive gray ABA plastic. This dispenser provides a method of releasing clean, dust free 1"x3" slides, one at a time. Comes with a clear molded plastic cover to allow for visual checking of unused slides.
Measurements: 4⅜" x 4⅞" x 5½".

Holds approximately 72 slides.

71300 Microscope Slide Dispenser each

levered micro slide dispenserarrow12Levered Micro Slide Dispenser

  • Holds a full box of 72 slides
  • Get a clean, fingerprint-free slide every time
  • Avoid breakage
  • Loading is simple
  • Made from stainless steel and has suction cup feet to keep the unit in place.

Measures 3"(L) x 5"(W) x 4"(H) (8 x 13 x 10cm)

71298-01 Levered Slide Dispenser each

EMS Microscope Slide Holderarrow11EMS Microscope Slide Holder

A universal slide holder that is ideal for drying slides (or drying and organizing slides) during frozen sectioning or routine processing.

Made of durable polyethylene, with 12 slide slots designed to hold slides vertically or horizontally.


  • Dimensions: 3.75" W x 15.25" L (95 mm x 387 mm)
  • Holds 12 Slides – vertically or horizontally
72220-08 EMS Microscope Slide Holder each
15-Slide Holder
40-Slide Holder
78-Slide Holder

arrow12Slide Holders

Hold slides during evaluation, cleaning, and drying.

  • Made from chemical-resistant polyethylene
  • Solid, strong construction with rubber feet for bench top stability
  • Available in three sizes
  • Color: Natural


EMS Cat # L x W x H (mm)
71531-01 153 x 102 x 21
71531-02 298 x 105 x 24
71531-03 299 x 178 x 21


71531-01 15-Slide Holder each
71531-02 40-Slide Holder each
71531-03 78-Slide Holder each

slide holder blockarrow12Slide Holder Block

Made from solid high density polypropylene blocks with 13 slanted channels (on a 10o angle), 1/16"(1.5mm) (W) x ⅜" (9mm) (D). It is made to hold 3 x 1" (75 x 25mm) slides during cleaning, draining excess immersion oil, and even drying. They are white in color and are chemically resistant. Available in 40 or 90 capacity (vertically held).

71532-40 40-Slide Holder Block 4"(W) x 12"(L) (10 x 30.5cm) each
71532-90 90-Slide Holder Block 7"(W) x 12"(L) (18 x 30.5cm) each

Sliderite Slide Card Mailerarrow10Sliderite Mega and Supa Mega Slide Card Mailer

Cardboard Slide Mailers

These robust cardboard mailers are constructed from a one-piece moulding that provides a high level of protection for Mega and SupaMega slides.

  • Economical
  • Re-usable
  • Tough and durable
71559-16 Sliderite Mega Slide Card Mailer 10/pk
71559-17 Sliderite Supa Mega Slide Card Mailer 10/pk

FiloSlide Re-Usable Slide Traysarrow10FiloSlide Re-Usable Slide Trays

Reusable Cardboard Slide Trays

These economical trays are constructed from solid board.

There is a variety of conventional 9 and 24 slide trays available, holding either 8 / 24 Mega Slides, or 4 / 12 Supa Mega slides.

  • Economical
  • Re-usable
  • Tough and durable
71559-21 FiloSlide 9 Slide Tray 25/pk
71559-22 FiloSlide 24 Slide Tray 10/pk

BlocStor 3 for Supa Mega Cassettes and Slidesarrow10BlocStor 3 for Supa Mega Cassettes and Slides

Tissue Block Storage (SupaMega Blocks)

The BlocStor range of tissue block storage products is manufactured from recycled fiberboard and provides a cost-efficient archiving and storage solution. All boxes are designed for strength, rigidity, long term archiving of tissue blocks, and for maximum utilization of storage space.

Every BlocStor is supplied with a pre-printed archive label for clear identification and rapid retrieval. BlocStor boxes are available assembled or flat-packed for efficient use of your space.

63290-01 BlocStor 3 for Supa Mega Cassettes 10/pk
63290-02 BlocStor 3 for Supa Mega (Flatpack) 25/pk

BlocFile 1 for Supa Mega Cassettesarrow10BlocFile 1 for Supa Mega Cassettes

Tissue Block Filing (SupaMega Blocks)

BlocFile 1 is an economical drawer system for block storage. Manufactured from high-density fiberboard for strength, rigidity and durability, the BlocFile offers an economical solution to the problem of tissue block storage.

  • Drawer system for easy access
  • Stackable to save bench space
  • Made from recycled material
  • Supplied assembled or flat-packed
63290-03 BlocFile 1, 400mm Deep Supa Mega Cassette each
63290-04 BlocFile 1, 400mm Deep Supa Cassettes (Flatpack) 25/pk

compact glass slide storage boxarrow12Compact Glass Slide Storage Box; The Mini Box

Made from rigid polystyrene, with a removable lid. This 25 capacity slide box measures only 3 5/8"(92mm)(L) x 3 1/4"(83mm)(W) x 1 1/4"(32mm) (H). The box is available in either white, red, or blue.

71455-W 25-Compact Slide Box, White each
71455-B 25-Compact Slide Box, Blue each
71455-R  25-Compact Slide Box, Red each

view-pack microscope slide holder with 3 ring binderarrow12View-Pack ™ Microscope Slide Holder With 3-Ring Binder

For the orderly visual display and safe transport of microscope slides. This loose-leaf binder has ten vinyl View-Packª pages (hold 160 slides). Each page holds 16 slides 3x1" (75x25mm) in individual pockets with a white back and clear front. A flap in the center keeps slides from falling out. Simply fold the page at the center crease to retrieve slides. The 8½" x 10½" (22x27cm) View-Pack pages comes with a standard 9"x12" (23x30cm) 3-ring binder.

71544-01 View-Pack With 3-Ring Binder each
71544-50 Refill View-Pack 10/pk

71472arrow12Molded (Living Hinge) Microscope Slide Boxes

Molded one-piece polypropylene construction with an integral living hinge. Numbering in the base corresponds to the printed index in the covers for slide identification purpose. Boxes are designed to be stackable to save space. The tensioned clasp ensures a secure closure.

Available in 25 or 100 capacity. Fits 1 x 3" microscope slides.

Catalog # Description Outside Dimensions Pack
71472 Molded 100 Slide Box 8.75" x 6.75" x 1.5" each
71473 Molded 100 Slide Box (220 x 175 x 38mm) 10/pk

PLEASE NOTE: For file up to 1,200 1x3" slides, refer to File Cabinet Systems and Portable Storage Chests.

Secured Hinge Microscope Slide Boxesarrow12Secured Hinge Microscope Slide Boxes

Made from durable polystyrene (with heavy walls). This material is unaffected by humidity and is thoroughly insect proof. Each box is secured with a rust-resistant nickel-plated clasp and hinge pin. The cork lining prevents damage to the stored slides. To ensure proper slide identification, each slot is numbered to correspond to the slide inventory sheet on the inside cover of the box. To save space the boxes are stackable. Each box stores up to 100 3x1" or 25x75mm microscope slides. available in 5 color coded boxes making the boxes easy to identify. Each box measures 8.75" x 6.75" x 3.375" (222x172x85mm).

71470-W Hinged 100 Slide Box, White each
71471-W Hinged 100 Slide Box, White 10/pk
71470-B Hinged 100 Slide Box, Blue each
71471-B Hinged 100 Slide Box, Blue 10/pk
71470-G Hinged 100 Slide Box, Green each
71471-G Hinged 100 Slide Box, Green 10/pk
71470-R Hinged 100 Slide Box, Red each
71471-R Hinged 100 Slide Box, Red 10/pk
71470-Y Hinged 100 Slide Box, Yellow each
71471-Y Hinged 100 Slide Box, Yellow 10/pk

carolina blue boxarrow12Slide Holder, Index

A unique four-slide microscope holder made from cardboard with a protective plastic frame which accepts 3 x 1" (75 x 25 mm) slides. Has an index tab for slide reference and classification and can be used with an index file box (not included). The slide holders measure 12.5 x 3" (127 x 76 mm)

71626-ID Slide Holders only 12/pk

carolina blue boxarrow12Carolina™ Blue Box

Molded from blue high-impact styrene, the Carolina blue Box is manufactured to our exacting specifications. Compared to conventional wooden boxes, the Carolina Blue Box is smaller in size, lighter in weight, and held to closer dimensional tolerances. The 75x25mm (3x1") slides fit the slots and will not slip out once in place. A shoulder on each box excludes dust and identities the top of the box. The boxes are available in two sizes: 3 1/4" x 4 1/4" x 1 3/16" (for 12 slides).

71482-01 Carolina Blue Box, 12-Slide each
71482-10 Carolina Blue Box, 12-Slide 10/pk
71483-01 Carolina Blue Box, 25-Slide each
71483-10 Carolina Blue Box, 25-Slide 10/pk

Premium Plus 100-Place Slideboxarrow12Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox

These slideboxes feature a slide rail design that ensures a secure fit with easy placement and removal of slides. Centrally positioned location numbering grid enables simple slide organization with easy viewing of location numbers. They are made from ABS and Polypropylene, which makes the boxes robust and eliminates potential rusting of metal parts. Hinged lid smoothly opens 180° sitting flat on surfaces and prevents misplacement. The slide lock has easily identified lock and unlock symbols and provides secure storage. A 2 mm zip tie can be used for more secure storage, if desired.

  • Stackable, molded feet allow secure horizontal stacking of multiple units
  • Units can be stored horizontally or vertically
  • Textured surface easy to hold
  • EVA foam lining in bottom of box to hold slides securely
  • Side storage compartment for pens, desiccants or other small items
  • Removable/replaceable inventory card for trouble-free writing on flat surfaces
  • Capacity: 100 slides 26 x 75 mm
  • Dimensions: 8.2 (L) x 7.7 (W) x 1.3" (H) in (20.7 x 19.5 x 3.2 cm)
  • Available in 5 colors or an assortment
71498-01 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Blue each
71498-06 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Blue 5/pk
71498-02 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Orange each
71498-07 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Orange 5/pk
71498-03 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Green each
71498-08 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Green 5/pk
71498-04 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Red each
71498-09 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Red 5/pk
71498-05 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Purple each
71498-10 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Purple 5/pk
71498-11 Premium Plus 100-Place Slidebox, Assorted 5/pk
71498-50 Slidebox Inventory Cards 10/pk

100 capacity slide boxarrow12100-Capacity Slide Box

Same construction as (#71470), but with a slip-on cover; gray in color.

71474 Slip-on Cover 100-Slide Box each
71475 Slip-on Cover 100-Slide Box 10/lot

50 capacity slide boxarrow1250-Capacity Slide Box

Same construction as (#71470), but with a slip on cover; stackable and gray in color.

71462 Slip-on Cover 50-Slide Box each
71463 Slip-on Cover 50-Slide Box 10/lot

arrow12Compact 25 Slide Box

Same characteristics as (#71470), but with a slip-on cover; Holds 25 1x3" slides. ¼"(H) x 3½"(W) x 5½"(L).

71460 Slip-on Cover 25-Slide Box 2/pk
71461 Slip-on Cover 25-Slide Box 10pks/lot

large glass slide storage boxarrow12Large Glass Slide Storage Box

arrow1225 Slide Capacity

Made from wood with numbered partitions which correspond to the index card. Very durable and has a detachable lid. The box accommodates 25 of 3x2" slides.

71481-01 25 Slide Box, 3 x 2" Slides each
71481-10 25 Slide Box, 3 x 2" Slides 10/pk

large glass slide storage boxarrow12Large Slide Microscope Slide Boxes

Specially designed for the 3 x 2 slides.

This reinforced ABS material is rugged and designed to store and transport slides.

  • Grooved slots hold individual slides in place
  • A soft cork liner ensures that slides will not slip
  • Identification card, lining and grooved slots are numbered
  • Stackable - measures 208mm (L) x 175mm (h) x 60mm
  • Blue in color with a 100 slide capacity
  • FiloSlide and Supa Mega cassette compatible
41149 100 Place Tall Slide Box each

True North Microscope Slide Boxarrow12True North™ Slide Boxes

Store in ultra-low temperatures with confidence.

Protect your slides in ultra-low temperature ranges down to -80°C with these stackable slide boxes. Safely store and transport 25 x 75 mm (3 x 1 inch) slides. The uniform grooved slide slots separate slides, preventing slide contact. They feature a temperature-resistant numbered foam lining and an identification sheet. Two types available

  • Durable purple polycarbonate with a stainless steel clasp and nickel hinges; holds 100 slides
  • Durable blue polycarbonate with a friction-fit lid; holds 25 slides
71485-01 True North™ Slide Box, 100 slides, Purple 208 x 175 x 34 each
71485-02 True North™ Slide Box, 25 slides, Blue 141 x 88 x 35 each
Portable Slide Storage System Portable Slide Storage System Portable Slide Storage System Portable Slide Storage System Portable Slide Storage System Portable Slide Storage System

arrow12Portable Slide Storage System

EMS's Portable Slide Storage System consists of four sliding drawers, a closing cover, and four fixed feet. Four swiveling castors for mobility are also available. The system is made from semi-transparent, impact-resistant PMMA and steel for stability, making it light, functional, and durable.

Each of the four drawers can hold up to 13 slide supports, with each support holding up to 100 slides. Covers are available for each support to protect from dirt and dust (supports and covers sold separately). Cavities in each support are numbered, making slide identification simple.

  • Holds up to 5,200 slides
  • Cover provides a dust- and dirt-free environment
  • Mobile with optional wheels and castors
  • Strong but lightweight
Dimensions Slide Trays: 360x38x100mm
(14-1/4 x 1-1/4 x 3-1/4")
Slide System: PMMA and Steel
Slide Trays: Tough, resilient ABS
Covers: Polystyrene
63292 Portable Slide Storage System each
63292-10 Fixed Feet 4/pk
63292-12 Castors 4/pk
63292-14 Slide Support each
63292-15 Slide Support 10/pk
63292-16 Cover for Slide Support each
63292-17 Cover for Slide Support 10/pk

Upright Freezer Rackarrow1015 and 50 ml 2 x 3 Upright Freezer Rack

High-durability, corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Stainless steel racks can accommodate various sizes and styles of storage boxes. Rack features high-durability, corrosion-resistant stainless steel material and handles for easy removal. Designed to fit most freezer models and makes.

  • 15 ml and 50 ml Cardboard Cryogenic Box HS2860M (Holds 6 each/1 per compartment)
Cat No. Config-
Opening Dimensions
(L x W x H)
(L x W x H)
41000 2 x 3 152 x 157 x 134 mm 459 x 159 x 271 mm each

Cardboard Cryogenic Boxes and Dividersarrow1015 and 50 ml Cardboard Cryogenic Boxes and Dividers

Low-cost choice with excellent low-temperature storage properties.

One-size box safely stores 15 and 50 ml tubes in LN2 or mechanical freezers.

Two partitions to choose from. Measures: 145 x 145 x 122 mm.

41004 Cryogenic 15 and 50 ml Box and Lid 40/cs
41005 Cryogenic 15 and 50 ml Box and Lid 10/pk
41006 Cryogenic 50 ml, 16 Cell Partition 20/pk
41007 Cryogenic 50 ml, 16 Cell Partition 10/pk
41008 Cryogenic 15 ml, 36 Cell Partition 20/pk
41009 Cryogenic 15 ml, 36 Cell Partition 10/pk

Microscope Slide Boxarrow12Slide Box

Slide Boxes, various sizes and colors available

The Slide Box is available with either a cork or foam backing and features a secure lock to ensure it does not open accidently.

Capacity L x W x H (mm) L x W x H (in)
25 Slides 104 x 94 x 32 4.10 x 3.70 x 1.26
50 Slides 164 x 110 x 32 6.46 x 4.33 x 1.26
100 Slides 209 x 172 x 32 8.23 x 6.77 x 1.26
Cat# Description Capacity Qty
71478-01 Slide Box-Foam-Blue 25 each
71478-02 Slide Box-Foam-Green 25 each
71478-03 Slide Box-Foam-Red 25 each
71478-04 Slide Box-Foam-Yellow 25 each
71478-05 Slide Box-Foam-White 25 each
71478-06 Slide Box-Foam-Black 25 each
71478-19 Slide Box-Foam-Pink 25 each
71478-07 Slide Box-Foam-Blue 50 each
71478-08 Slide Box-Foam-Green 50 each
71478-09 Slide Box-Foam-Red 50 each
71478-10 Slide Box-Foam-Yellow 50 each
71478-11 Slide Box-Foam-White 50 each
71478-12 Slide Box-Foam-Black 50 each
71478-21 Slide Box-Foam-Pink 50 each
71478-13 Slide Box-Foam-Blue 100 each
71478-14 Slide Box-Foam-Green 100 each
71478-15 Slide Box-Foam-Red 100 each
71478-16 Slide Box-Foam-Yellow 100 each
71478-17 Slide Box-Foam-White 100 each
71478-18 Slide Box-Foam-Black 100 each
71478-23 Slide Box-Foam-Pink 100 each

Clear Lid 100 Slide Boxarrow12Clear Lid 100 Slide Box

This 100-Slide Storage box has a clear lid enabling lab personnel to read the contents listed on the enclosed index without opening the box. Made of Black ABS plastic with metal clasp hinge and cork lining. Numbered slots correspond to the paper index. Stackable.

Outside dimension: 8¼"L x 7"W x 1¼"H (210 x 180 x 32mm)

71477-10 Clear Lid 100 Slide Box 10/pk

color microscope slide boxarrow12Color Microscope Slide Boxes

Molded from one piece (lid and bottom) polypropylene these slide boxes are able to accommodate either 25 or 100 standard 3x1" (75x25mm) slides. The attached lid is held securely by a closed latch lock. Stacking feet maximize the stability when boxes are stacked up one atop the other. The boxes are unlined and the index number is printed on the bottom. Comes complete with a numbered slide index card. These boxes are available in blue, red or white.

71458-W 25-Slide Box, White each
71458-B 25-Slide Box, Blue each
71458-R 25-Slide Box, Red each
71459-W 100-Slide Box, White each
71459-B 100-Slide Box, Blue each
71459-R 100-Slide Box, Red each

microscope Slide Tray Boxarrow12Slide Tray Box

Black cloth covered cardboard box 9/4-Slide Tray (#71497). The box has a fall-front and drop on lid. Supplied complete with 12 9-Slide Trays. Overall measurements of the box: 265 x112 x 40mm (10½" x 4⅜" x 2⅝")

71496 Slide Tray Box 1 each

9/4-Microscope Slide Trayarrow129/4-Slide Tray

Heavy-duty cardboard construction with cloth hinged flaps to form a single compartment slide holder of various sizes horizontally. Holds 9 3x1" slides or 4 3x2" slides. The tray measures 235 x 78mm (9¼" x 3⅛")

71497-01 9/4-Slide Tray 1 each
71497-12 9/4-Slide Tray 12 12/pk

pop-up slide holderarrow12Pop-Up Slide Holder

Holds 20 or 30 of 1x3" slides in a numbered compartment. The compartments are recessed so the specimen cannot be touched when the cover is closed.

Measurements: 8"(W)x13½"(L)x 11/32"(H).

71520 Pop-Up Slide Holder, 20 place each
71521 Pop-Up Slide Holder, 20 place 10/lot
71522 Pop-Up Slide Holder, 30 place each
71522-10 Pop-Up Slide Holder, 30 place 10/lot

pop-up slide tray folder clipspop-up slide tray folder clipsarrow12Microscope Slide Tray Folder Clips

EMS offers these wonderful folder clips which allow for the color coding of Microscopy files as well as keeping the trays sealed shut so nothing falls out.


  • Clips come in assorted colors: Grey, Blue, Green, Red and Clear.
  • Clips can be labeled with a permanent marker or labels can be adhered.
  • Perfect for histology, microscopy, and pathology labs, or in any research environment.
  • Made from ABS.


Dimensions 2.2 x 1.7 x 0.6in (5.6 x 4.4 x 1.6cm)
Material ABS


71525-01 Folder Clips, Assorted Colors 20/pk
71525-02 Folder Clips, Clear 20/pk

microscope slide trayarrow12Microscope Slide Tray

White, thermo-formed Polystyrene. Holds 20 of 1"x3" standard slides in a horizontal position. A white background makes it easy to distinguish dyes and stains. The tray features a thumb cut to simplify the removal of slides.
Measures: 7½"x13½" (17x34cm).

71500 Microscope Slide Tray. 6/pkg

slide tray cabinetarrow12Slide Tray Cabinet

The outside is made of white polypropylene, the tray rails are polystyrene, and the vertical sliding door is clear acrylic; this 240-slide capacity cabinet holds twelve microscope slide trays (#71500) horizontally, and it is dust free. Measurements: 7¾"x14"x7½"high (17x36x16cm).

71504 Slide Tray Cabinet each

Microscope Slide Trayarrow12Microscope Slide Tray

This durable, ABS hard plastic slide tray will hold up to 20 standard microscope slides 75 x 25 mm (3x1"). Ivory color consists of two rows, each with securely holds 10 slides. Each numbered cavity has thumb cut and raise notches for easy to remove the slide. Stackable.

Measures: 11⅞" L x 7 "W x ½"H (300x195x12mm)

71503-01 Hard Plastic Microscope Slide Tray 1/pk
71503-10 Hard Plastic Microscope Slide Tray 10/pk

microscope slide folderarrow12Microscope Slide Folder

Made from heat resistant injection molded plastic

The Slide Folder™ will hold up to twenty standard microscope slides 75 x 25mm (3x1") and is made of two parts: a base holding the slides horizontally offering numbered space for easy identification, and transparent doors which can either cover the slides or be swung behind the SlideFolder™ for space conservation while using the tray. The base is available in 5 different colors, offering color-coding for each job. Each slide location is identified with a number from 1 to 20. Removal of the slides is made easy by simply pressing on one end, which will lift the other end up. The two transparent hinged covers offer a full view of each stored slide, even bar codes can be read without removing of the slide. All units are stackable and will resist temperatures between -80°C and +100°C. They are not autoclavable.

Cat # Slide Folder Color Pack
71502-00 Microscope Slide Folder pk/6
71502-B1 Blue each
71502-B10 Blue 10/pk
71502-G1 Green each
71502-G10 Green 10/pk
71502-GR1 Gray each
71502-GR10 Gray 10/pk
71502-W1 White each
71502-W10 White 10/pk
71502-Y1 Yellow each
71502-Y10 Yellow 10/pk
71502-10 Assorted Colors 10/pk

12 slide holderarrow1212-Slide Holder

White thermo-formed poly-styrene. It keeps microscope slides separated. Ideal for use where slide preparation or staining is performed. Measurements: 3⅜"x7"x¾" (H) (86x178x19mm)

71530 12-Slide Holder 6/pk

Petrographic Slide Storage Boxarrow13Petrographic Slide Storage Boxes

Designed for safely storing petrographic slides long term and also for transport. Made from durable ABS plastic with a hinged lid, secure latch, and foam base. Available in 2 sizes and colors; able to be stacked.

71534-02 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 25 Slide Capacity, Blue each
71534-03 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 25 Slide Capacity, Blue, 12/cs 12/cs
71534-04 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 25 Slide Capacity, Black each
71534-05 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 25 Slide Capacity, Black, 12/cs 12/cs
71534-06 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 100 Slide Capacity, Blue each
71534-07 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 100 Slide Capacity, Blue, 12/cs 12/cs
71534-08 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 100 Slide Capacity, Black each
71534-09 Petrographic Microscope Slide Storage, 100 Slide Capacity, Black, 12/cs 12/cs

For Petrographic Slides, click here

Информация для заказа

Наименование ОбъемПроизводствоМетод Кат.Номер
Слайд-бокс Пена голубой Slide Box-Foam-Red  Electron Microscopy Sciences  71478-13 
Слайд-бокс Пена красный Slide Box-Foam-Red  Electron Microscopy Sciences  71478-15 
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