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Каталог продукции
  Клеточные технологии и
  Стволовые клетки (Stem Cells)  
  Общая информация
  Выделение стволовых клеток:
  · Сортер клеток MoFlo  
  · Опыт применения  
  Тестирование стволовых клеток:
  · Бак. Анализ на стерильность  
  · Вирусная и бактериальная диагностика  
  · HLA - генотипирование  
  · Проточная цитометрия  
  · Типирование эритроцитов пуповинной     крови (cord blood) 
  · Флуоресцентная микроскопия  
  Реагенты для культивирования,   анализа и дифференцировки   стволовых клеток:
  · Производства Dako  
  · Рекомбинантные белки (Prospec) 
  Оборудование для культивирования   стволовых клеток:
  · Роботизированный комплекс HAMILTON 
  · Innovatis Cellscreen 
  Гематология и трансфузиология
  Иммуноферментный анализ (ИФА)
  Клиническая биохимия
  Молекулярная диагностика
  Мультиплексный анализ  
  Оборудование для биохимии и
  молекулярной биологии
  Общелабораторное оборудование
  Пищевая промышленность  
  Программное обеспечение  
  Проточная цитометрия
  Рекомбинантные белки
  Репродуктивные технологии
  Секвенирование NGS
  Сортировка клеток
  Цитогенетическая диагностика

/ Каталог / Клеточные технологии и технологии для работы с клетками / Микроскопы. Микроскопическая техника / ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SCIENCES - Продукты для гистологии, световой микроскопии и электронной микроскопии / Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

Embedding Capsulesand Holders

Tissue Mounting Stub

Machined from aluminum rods with one end tapered to 4.8mm in diameter. The specimen can be oriented and mounted to the tip with glue and it is ready for sectioning. The body size is "00" and it measures 11mm long.

70145-05 Aluminum Tissue Mounting Stub 50/pk
70145-10 Aluminum Tissue Mounting Stub 100/pk

Capsules; Embedding, Size 00arrow12Beem Embedding Capsules, Size 00, 8mm I.D.

Polyethylene embedding capsules with 1x1mm face at the tip of a truncated pyramid, each with a hinged cap.

70000-B BEEM® Embedding Capsules Size 00 100/pk
70010-B BEEM® Embedding Capsules Size 00 500/pk
70020-B BEEM® Embedding Capsules Size 00 1000/pk

Embedding Capsules Size 3arrow12

BEEM® Embedding Capsules Size 3 (small)

These capsules, made from polyethylene, produce blocks with a 5.6mm O.D. and a pyramid tip. Comes complete with a hinged cap.

69910-01 BEEM® Embedding Capsules Size 3 100/pk
69910-05 BEEM® Embedding Capsules Size 3 500/pk
69910-10 BEEM® Embedding Capsules Size 3 1000/pk

BEEM® Embedding Capsules Special ShapesBEEM® Embedding Capsules Special Shapesarrow12

BEEM® Embedding Capsules Special Shapes

Available in two specially shaped capsules which are designed to overcome commonly encountered embedding problems; such as, small or thin elongated specimens and powder samples. These capsules are also good for centrifuging precipitated matters and allows for less trimming.

The bottle neck capsule produces a 7.9mm OD block with a hemihyperpoloid (rather than faced) tip.

The conical capsule produces a 7.9mm OD block with a conical (rather than faced) tip

69912-01 BEEM® Capsule Bottle Neck Tip 100/pk
69912-05 BEEM® Capsule Bottle Neck Tip 500/pk
69912-10 BEEM® Capsule Bottle Neck Tip 1000/pk
69913-01 BEEM® Capsule Conical Tip 100/pk
69913-05 BEEM®Capsule Conical Tip 500/pk
69913-10 BEEM® Capsule Conical Tip 1000/pk

*BEEM® Is A Registered Trademark of Better Equipment For Electron Microscopy, Inc.

Embedding Capsule; Flatarrow12

Embedding Capsule; Flat

Added to our extensive line of embedding capsules is our flat bottom capsules, which are made from polyethylene, and are 8mm (just like the standard 00 capsules) in diameter. Also available in Microwave-Safe Polypropylene.

70021 Flat Bottom Embedding Capsules, Polyethylene 500/pk
70021-PP Flat Bottom Embedding Capsules, Polyethylene 100/pk
70021-PPT Flat Bottom Embedding Capsules, Microwave-Safe Polypropylene 100/pk

BEEM® Capsule HoldersThe BEEM® Capsule Holderarrow12

BEEM® Capsule Holders

These holders are used to hold capsules upright during the resin embedding stage. The cavities (22) allow for illumination from the bottom of the holder for specimen orientation.

Use the clear if microwaving or UV polymerizing your embedding media. Made from Polypropylene.

Available in two sizes: one holds size "00", conical, and bottle neck capsules; the other holds size #3 capsules. Available in white or clear.

Size "00" Measures 5½" (L) x 4" (W) x ⅞" (H), 138 x 100 x 22mm
Size "3" Measures 4¼" (L) x 2⅞" (W) x ⅝" (H), 107 x 72 x 15mm


69916-01 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "00" white  
69916-06 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "00" white 6/pk
69916-12 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "00" white 12/pk
69917-01-3 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "3" white each
69917-06-3 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "3" white 6/pk
69917-12-3 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "3" white 12/pk
69915-01 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "00" clear each
69915-06 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "00" clear 6/pk
69915-12 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "00" clear 12/pk
69915-03-3 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "3" clear each
69915-06-3 BEEM® Capsule Holder size "3" clear 6/pk
69915-12-3 BEEM® Capsule Holder Size "3" clear 12/pk

BEEM® is a Registered Trademark of Better Equipment for Electron Microscopy, Inc.

arrow12Multi Task BEEM Capsule Holder: Exclusive !!!!

BEEM Capsule Holder: BEEM Capsule Holder: BEEM Capsule Holder:

View more videos

This Multi-Task BEEM Capsule Holder is an innovative holder designed to hold size "00" BEEM capsule during resin polymerization.

This holder is also a perfect tool when embedding and polymerizing resin by microwave, especially when the embedment needs to be performed under water. The direct contact of the microwave energy to the resin inside the microwave is usually causes the resin to heat to quick and that leads to micro bubbles forming inside the resin block and this causes unknown damage to the tissues. To help eliminate this problem, the resin capsule should be immersed in the water bath during microwave irradiation of the resin. This 'indirect contact' of microwave energy to the resin will help the embedding block polymerize nicely and homogeneously and also avoids the overheating of the tissue.

Mold is machined from polyethylene block, comes in two parts: bottom part which holds the BEEM capsule, and the second part which is placed on top and is securd by two plastic screws to ensure the BEEM capsules are in place and capsule lid will not pop out during under water polymerization or microwave irradiation.

Accompanies is microwave transparent tray, which holds water and capsule holder for microwave processing.

Measures: 1⅛" L x 3" W x 2" H , accommodates 24 capsules.

You can order either the Multi-Task Capsule Holder only, or the set which includes one Capsule Holder and one Tray.

70023-01 Multi Task BEEM Capsule Holder, each each
70023-10 Multi Task BEEM Capsule Holder Set each
97082 Microwave Transparent Tray, 10/pack each

Embedding Capsule Holderarrow12

Embedding Capsule Holder

Fabricated form polypropylene, a direct substitution for the BEEM® capsule holders (EMS #69915- & 69916-). 15 positions. Fits embedding capsule size "00" (8.5mm diameter)

70022-01 EMS Capsule Holder each
70022-04 EMS Capsule Holder 4/pk
70022-06 EMS Capsule Holder 6/pk
70022-12 EMS Capsule Holder 12/pk

EMS Capsule Pressarrow12

EMS Capsule Press

The EMS Capsule Press is designed to facilitate the removal of blocks, size 00 and 3, from the capsule without any damage to the block tip whatsoever.

69920-00 Capsule Press each

arrow12 Product Links

BEEM® Block Storagearrow12

BEEM® Block Storage

A two tone color coded plastic box with insert, which allows for the storage of up to 10 blocks in the numbered cavities. Measures: 2⅓" (L) x 1¾" (W) x ½" (H) 57 x 45 x 12.5 mm

This product is temporarily unavailable. Please check back for updates, or see item 69923-01 below which is the same however holds 15 blocks in place of 10.

69922-01 BEEM® Block Storage each
69922-05 BEEM® Block Storage 50/pk
69922-10 BEEM® Block Storage 100/pk

capsule block storagearrow12

Capsule Block Storage

For the storage of 15 capsule blocks in numbered cavities.

69923-01 Capsule Block Storage Box each
69923-05 Capsule Block Storage Box 50/pk
69923-10 Capsule Block Storage Box 100/pk

plastic flat embedding moldarrow12

Plastic Flat Embedding Mold

  • Injected molded polyethylene
  • Resistant to most embedding materials
  • Easy peeled-off the blocks

Mold fits perfectly inside the cocoon box BE8 (64300-8); See Cocoon Box section.

These molds are reusable. Each cavity measures 12 mm (L) x 5 mm (W) x 3.5 mm Deep. Overall mold measures: 94 x 56 x 14 mm.

70905-01 EMS Molded Flat Embedding Mold each
70905-12 EMS Molded Flat Embedding Mold 12/pk

Capsules; Gelatinarrow12

Capsules; Gelatin

Natural, hard gelatin capsules. To be used as an embedding mold for water miscible resins, or resins which need to be cured by transmitted light. Gelatin capsules dissolve or disintegrate within 5 minutes when immersed in a 0.5% HCl solution at 36-38°C, within 2 minutes in water at 37°C or in artificial gastric juice.

Cat.# Size Overall
70101 000 1.029 26.14 0.376 9.55 1.37
70100 00 .917 23.30 0.322 8.18 0.95
70110 0 .835 21.20 0.289 7.34 0.68
70102 1 .748 19.00 0.261 6.63 0.50
70103 2 .688 17.50 0.239 6.07 0.37
70104 3 .610 15.50 0.219 5.56 0.30
70105 4 .547 13.90 0.199 5.05 0.21

Large Gelatin Capsulesarrow12

Large Gelatin Capsules

Our large size gelatin capsules are ideal for storing either delicate or small items. It is also suitable for use as an embedding mold for paraffin or paraplast. The capsules come complete with a locking ring. A variety of sizes are available.

Cat.# Size Length mm Diameter mm Volume oz.
70114 13 24 13 1/8
70115 12 33 13 1/4
70116 11 38 19 1/2
70117 10 52 22 1
70118 07 66 22 11/2

Gelatin Capsule Holderarrow12

Gelatin Capsule Holder

Made from durable polyethylene. It accommodates 15 gelatin capsules size "00". The whole capsule is exposed to allow for even heat and/or UV light distribution during polymerization. Measures: 5" (L) x 3" (W) (127 mm x 76 mm).

70120-01 Gelatin Capsule Holder each
70120-04 Gelatin Capsule Holder 4/pk
70120-06 Gelatin Capsule Holder 6/pk
EMS EM5 Embedding Mold69934-10
EMS EM5 Embedding Mold69934-20
EMS EM5 Embedding Mold69934-30
EMS EM5 Embedding MoldMultiple array

arrow12EMS EM5 Embedding Molds

Introducing the EM5 - an innovative new design based on the widely used Ø8 mm size embedding mold. The unique two part design allows for easy removal of resin blocks, as well as incorporating many other advantages over currently available embedding products.


  • Separate base and tube sections that clip together to form the familiar capsule shape
  • Care should be taken that each component is free of debris before attaching together, to ensure a proper seal
  • Easy removal of resin blocks achieved by simply pulling the mold apart by hand
  • The mold can produce blocks up to 20mm in length, however shorter blocks (˜14 mm) allow for easier removal. No razor blades or capsule presses are required
  • The detachable cap section allows for easier access and manipulation of a specimen
  • For more accurate specimen alignment a small amount of resin can be cured or partially cured before clipping to the body and completing the resin block. When fully cured they form strong homogeneous blocks
  • Each mold can be clipped to other molds, allowing for the creation of trays of desired size. For volatile resins, another cap section can be clipped on to the top of the mold, creating an air tight seal
  • Each cavity is numbered 1 < 5, whilst the end support stands have designated areas for writing indexing numbers or comments
69934-10 EM5-8AC/PP 5 Block Embedding Mold-2 Part- 8mm Body with 2mm Cylindrical Cap 25/pk
69934-20 EM5-8C-C/PP 5 Block Embedding Mold-2mm Cylindrical Cone Cap 10/pk
69934-30 EM5-8B/PP 5 Block Embedding Mold- 8mm Body 10/pk


A newly designed mold which is convenient and offers better embedments. This tray-and-mold in one unit offers a unique specimen block that no other mold can.


  1. Trays-and-molds are self standing. There is no need for a holding tray
  2. Easy Orientation of Specimens.
    The tip of each mold is only 0.3mm thick and is designed to be transparent. This facilitates the orientation of your specimen prior to polymerization
  3. They form a Universal Block.
    Many microscopists have to embed large specimens. The Easy Mold tip forms a flat block face which is wide enough for large specimens. This wide surface helps to prevent air bubbles being trapped around the specimen during polymerization. In addition, a positive guide form on the block offers an accurate position for clamping
  4. Free Airflow for Even Polymerization.
    Easy Mold trays raise the molds away from the surface of the oven, allowing air of a constant temperature to circulate freely and evenly around the specimen tip during the hardening process
  5. Sealing of Capsules
    If you are using Acrylate or other volatile embedding mediums (LR White, GMA, HPMA), the molds can be sealed by placing another Easy Mold on the top, and by applying a little pressure you can seal the capsule completely
  6. Easy to Remove the Polymerized Block.
    Due to the softness of the bottom of the mold, to release the block simply push the bottom of the mold with your thumb and your block will just pop out. There is no need for razor blades or a Capsule Press!
  7. Convenient Storage and Identification of Sectioned Blocks
    Each cavity on the Easy Mold is numbered, and data can be written on the trays. Used Easy Molds can be used for the storage of blocks which have already been sectioned, and filed away by stacking one tray on top of another. There is no need for block storage boxes

Technical Specifications

Each tray contains 2x10 block molds and measures 87x66mm.
They are available in two sizes:

  • Size 5.6mm diameter, which corresponds to gelatin and BEEM® capsules size 3, and forms a block face of 1.6 mm
  • Size 8mm diameter, which corresponds to gelatin and BEEM® capsule size "00" and forms a block face of 3 mm
69930-05 Easy Mold, Size 3 5 Trays
69930-25 Easy Mold, Size 3 25 Trays
69930-50 Easy Mold, Size 3 50 Trays
69931-05 Easy Mold, Size "00" 5 Trays
69931-25 Easy Mold, Size "00" 25 Trays
69931-50 Easy Mold, Size "00" 50 Trays

BEEM® Specimen Block Storage System arrow12

BEEM® Specimen Block Storage System 2000®

  • Are your bench-tops and drawers crowded with petri dishes and pillboxes full of various sized specimen blocks?
  • Have you been spent hours to look for a block for re-sectioning?
  • Do you wish you could neatly catalog, file and store all of those blocks in one convenient place?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, now you can organize and safely store all of your
specimen blocks with the newly introduced BEEM® Specimen Storage System 2000®

The system consists of four newly designed Blocklock® storage modules (#69956, #69957, #69958, #69959) and a Covered Mounting Panel (#69950) that fits in a standard "D-Type" 3-ring binder (optional) – A 1-inch binder will accommodate two Covered Mounting Panels, and 1.5-inch binder accommodates three Panels.

Each Blocklock module has an adhesive backing which when exposed permits it to be permanently mounted on any grease-free surface.

All Blocklocks can be inserted in a Plastic Protective Box (EMS #69956-B & 69958-B, #69957-B, and 69959-B) or, by utilizing the adhesive feature, mounted in combination with other Blocklock modules on the BEEM® mounting panel (EMS #66950). This new Storage System 2000 permits blocks size "00", size "3", and BEEM® flat embedment to be indexed, combined under one cover along with any associated data sheets, and stored upright in 3-ring binders, on the shelf, at your reach for ready reference.

This system is infinitely expandable to high or low volume block storage. The choice is yours

Capsule Blocklock Storage Modulesarrow101. Capsule Blocklock Storage Modules

Incorporate an innovation that allows blocks to snap into cavities specially designed to retain them so they cannot be inadvertently dislodged. Number and letter identify each cavity. Available with three configurations:

  • Model 2006 measures 2⅞" L x 2" W x ¼" H (74 x 50 x 8 mm); accommodates 12 size "00" blocks
  • Model 2007 measures 4⅝" L x 3½" W x 5/16" H (117 x 90 x 8 mm), accommodates 40 size "00" blocks
  • Model 2008 measures 2⅞" L x 2" W x ¼" H (74 x 50 x 6 mm), accommodates 20 size"3" capsule blocks
Blocklock Storage Modules Model 2009arrow102. BEEM® Blocklock Storage Modules Model 2009

is the same features as Capsule Blocklocks. Measures 2⅞" L x 2" W x ¼" H (74 x 50 x 8mm), accommodates 20 BEEM® flat blocks. (BEEM® flat embedding mold, EMS #70904-01

NOTE:Do to the rectangular shape of a BEEM® flat embedment; it must be inserted into the cavity in a Blocklock module #69959 as follows:

Introduce the front of the block at a slight angle into the rear of the cavity and gently push it forward until it nests in the recess.

BEEM Blocklock Storage Boxesarrow103. BEEM® Blocklock Storage Boxes

Heavy-duty, two tone plastic boxes are supplied with indexed, translucent labels, which can be applied to the top or bottom of the box.

  • Box #69906-B and #69908-B are the same size and are two-tone blue/clear. Overall measurement: 3" (L) x 2⅛" (W) x ½" (H) (78 x 54 x 13 mm)
  • Box #69957-B is two-tone blue/clear. Overall measurement: 4¾" (L) x 3¾" (W) x ½" (H) (120 x 94 x 13 mm)
  • Box #69959-B is two-tone black/clear. Overall measurements are the same as #69956-B and #69958-B
BEEM® Mounting Panelarrow104. BEEM® Mounting Panel

With clear cover is designed to accept both Blocklock Storage Modules and BEEM® original Dial-A-Grid (EMS #71148) and Block Storage Modules (EMS#69922), which can be attached to the panel using double sided adhesive tape. Grid storage boxes from other manufacturers may be attached this way also if they do not exceed ⅜" in height.

The panel inside measures: 10⅝" (L) x 7½" (W) x ⅜" (H) (270 x 190 x 12mm). The overall measurement is 11 ⅜" (L) x 8 ¾" (W) x 9/16" (H) (290 x 225 x 22mm)

Ordering: Note: Blocklocks and their Storage Boxes are sold separately.

Cat# BEEM® Description Pack
69950 2010 Mounting Panel with Clear Cover each
69956 2006 Blocklock, Size "00", 12 Positions each
69956-B 2006B Blocklock Storage Box for #69956 each
69957 2007 Blocklock, Size "00", 40 Positions each
69957-B 2007B Blocklock Storage Box for #69957 each
69958 2008 Blocklock, Size "3", 20 Positions each
69958-B 2008B Blocklock Storage Box for #69958 each
69959 2009 Blocklock Flat embedment, 20 positions each
69959-B 2009B Blocklock Storage Box for #69959 each
69960-10   " D-Type" 3-Ring Binder, 1inch each
69960-15   " D-Type" 3-Ring Binder, 1.5 inch each

arrow12Capsule Embedding Molds

Please see listing in the molds section.

Microporous Specimen Capsulesarrow12

Microporous Specimen Capsules

These capsules measure 12mm in diameter and are 11mm high. They are available in two different pore sizes: 30 and 78 microns.

70187-10 Microporous Specimen Capsule, 78 Microns 50/pk
70187-11 Microporous Specimen Capsule, 78 Microns 100/pk
70187-20 Microporous Specimen Capsule, 30 Microns 50/pk
70187-21 Microporous Specimen Capsule, 30 Microns 100/pk

Specimen Basket; Stainless Steelarrow12Specimen Basket; Stainless Steel

Both the top and the bottom are made from a stainless steel mesh, which offers good fluid circulation. Has a male and a female threading for secure closure.
Measures: 10 mm (ID) x 13 mm (H) (½" x ½"), 12 mm (OD)

70190-01 Specimen Basket each
70190-06 Specimen Basket 6/pk

Specimen/Cleaning Basketarrow12

Specimen/Cleaning Basket

This basket is brass with a stainless steel mesh attached to both ends. To use, simply screw both halves together and you can keep small specimens for long periods of time during the process of fixing, dehydration or even critical point drying. It can also be used to hold small parts for ultrasonic cleaning. Mesh opening: 300 µm.
Measurements: Inner Diameter 12.5 mm, Outer Diameter 16 mm, Height 16 mm

70190-21 Specimen/Cleaning Basket each
70190-26 Specimen/Cleaning Basket 6/pk

arrow12Critical Point Drier Accessories

TEM Grid Holderarrow121. TEM Grid Holder

Machined from solid steel; has a stainless steel mesh on the top and the bottom. Featuring the most advanced design which assures no damage to the grids during processing. These holders are Brass-Nickel plated, very sturdy, and withstand all critical conditions. Holds 12 grids in numbered slots. Dimensions: 24 mm (D) x 24 mm (H)

70192-01 Grid Holder each
Coverslip Holderarrow122. Coverslip Holders

Brass/Nickel plated. Coverslips can be stacked with spacers (up to 15 coverslips with a thickness up to 2mm) with samples placed on top of each coverslip. Fluids freely exchange between coverslips. Both spacers and weights come with the unit. The upper part of the holder is grooved to accept tweezers.

Available in two configurations

  • Coverslip Holder 1: for 9 to 13 mm diameter coverslips; accommodates 10 coverslips. Dimensions: 16mm (D) x 24mm (H)
  • Coverslip Holder 2: for 16 to 22 mm diameter coverslips; accommodates 10 coverslips. Dimensions: 24mm (D) x 25mm (H)
70193-01 Coverslip Holder 1 each
70193-02 Coverslip Holder 2 each
Specimen Holdersarrow123. Specimen Holders

Machined from solid steel, brass/nickel plated; incorporates a stainless steel mesh top and bottom to allow for fluid exchange.

Available in three sizes

  • 24 Specimen holder: comes with two sections; each section holds 12 specimens into 12 cavities, each cavity measuring 4.5 mm (D) x 6 mm (H). The overall unit measures: 24 mm (D) x 28 mm (H)
  • 12 Specimen holder: comes with two sections; each section holds 6 specimens into 6 cavities, each cavity measuring 7.5 mm (D) x 6 mm (H). The overall unit measures: 24 mm (D) x 24 mm (H)
  • 4 Specimen holder: comes with one section which holds 4 or multiples of or large samples 4-9 mm (D) x 16 mm (H) cavities. The overall unit measures: 24 mm (D) x 28 mm (H)
70194-24 24 Specimen Holder each
70194-12 12 Specimen Holder each
70194-04 4 Specimen Holder each
technical data sheetCritical Point Dryer; Sample Holder Small Particle
70191-01 Critical Point Dryer; Sample Holder Small Particle
70191-02, 70191-03, 72191-04

arrow12Critical Point Dryer; Sample Holder Small Particle

Our unique small particle sample holder comes with a quick release particle screen, which is available in 3 different sizes, (30µm, 10µm and 2µm), accomodating a multitude of sample sizes.

The overall dimension of the holder is 30.5 mm H x 30.5 mm D (1.20" x 1.20") and is made from 316 stainless steel.

The interior dimension is 20 mm H x 20 mm D (0.80" x 0.80") .

70191-01 Sample Holder Small Particle each
70191-02 30µm Interchangeable Small Particle SS Screen Set, 2 screen/set each
70191-03 10µm Interchangeable Small Particle SS Screen Set, 2 screen/set each
70191-04 2µm Interchangeable Small Particle SS Screen Set, 2 screen/set each
70191-05 Small Particle Holder PTFE Seal each

Stainless Steel Tissue Capsulesarrow12

Stainless Steel Baskets with Multiple Compartments

EMS has introduced and is now available a variety of Stainless steel baskets with lids and multiple compartments for critical point Drying. These baskets are either 15mm in diameter or 23mm.

70194-26 Tissue basket with Lid
15 mm (d) x 10 mm (h)
70194-27 Tissue Basket with Lid
25 mm (d) x 23 mm (h)
70194-28 4 Compartment Tissue Basket with Lid
15 mm (d) x 10 mm (h)
70194-29 4 Compartment Tissue Basket with Lid
25 mm (d) x 23 mm (h)

Tissue Capsulesarrow12

Tissue Capsules

These capsules are suitable for holding tissue samples during processing. The lids have a frosted write-on area for sample identification and an open mesh area to facilitate fluid exchange. The entire surface of the base is also an open mesh. The lid snaps securely on the base, eliminating the risk of tissue loss during processing.

62330-01 Tissue Capsules 28mm (W) x 5mm (H) white 1,000/cs
62330-02 Tissue Capsules 38mm (W) x 10mm (H) white 1,000/cs

Plastic Tissue Capsulesarrow12

Plastic Tissue Capsules


  • Molded from polyethylene; resistant to all processing chemicals, including Zenker's fixative
  • A three-compartment divider which is removable for specimens up to 35mm
  • A weighted end floats the capsule in a upright position to conserve space
  • Perforated on the top and bottom for better circulation of the fluid
  • Snap-on hinged cover

They measure: 35mm (I.D.) x 35 mm (I.D.) x 10 mm (deep) (1⅜ x 5/16)

62322-12 Plastic Tissue Capsules 12/pk

Информация для заказа

Наименование ОбъемПроизводствоМетод Кат.Номер
Встраиваемые капсулы BEEM®, размер 3 (маленькие)  500/pk Electron Microscopy Sciences  69910-05 
Держатель капсул BEEM® размер "00" (clear)  Electron Microscopy Sciences  69915-01 
Держатель капсул BEEM® размер "3" (clear)  Electron Microscopy Sciences  69915-06-3 
Капсулы для заливки Beem, размер 00, внутренний диаметр 8 мм  500/pkElectron Microscopy Sciences  70010-B 
Капсулы для заливки Easy Mold, Size 3  5 планшетов/упаковка Electron Microscopy Sciences  69930-05 
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