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Каталог продукции
  Клеточные технологии и
  Стволовые клетки (Stem Cells)  
  Общая информация
  Выделение стволовых клеток:
  · Сортер клеток MoFlo  
  · Опыт применения  
  Тестирование стволовых клеток:
  · Бак. Анализ на стерильность  
  · Вирусная и бактериальная диагностика  
  · HLA - генотипирование  
  · Проточная цитометрия  
  · Типирование эритроцитов пуповинной     крови (cord blood) 
  · Флуоресцентная микроскопия  
  Реагенты для культивирования,   анализа и дифференцировки   стволовых клеток:
  · Производства Dako  
  · Рекомбинантные белки (Prospec) 
  Оборудование для культивирования   стволовых клеток:
  · Роботизированный комплекс HAMILTON 
  · Innovatis Cellscreen 
  Гематология и трансфузиология
  Иммуноферментный анализ (ИФА)
  Клиническая биохимия
  Молекулярная диагностика
  Мультиплексный анализ  
  Оборудование для биохимии и
  молекулярной биологии
  Общелабораторное оборудование
  Пищевая промышленность  
  Программное обеспечение  
  Проточная цитометрия
  Рекомбинантные белки
  Репродуктивные технологии
  Секвенирование NGS
  Сортировка клеток
  Цитогенетическая диагностика

/ Каталог / Клеточные технологии и технологии для работы с клетками / Микроскопы. Микроскопическая техника / ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SCIENCES - Продукты для гистологии, световой микроскопии и электронной микроскопии / Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

Molds, Chucks, and Holders

Butler Block Trimmerarrow12Butler Block Trimmer

A precision made device to aid in hand trimming resin tissue blocks to the desired shape for ultramicrotomy. The knurled knife guide swivels to help the trimming blade to cut the sides of the block. May be utilized with any stereomicroscope with epi-illumination. The trimmer is supplied with a standard chuck to accommodate the block size 00. (Stain Technology, Vol. 49, No 4: pp. 129-132, 1974)

69945-01 Butler Block Trimming each

Ultramicrotomy Chucksarrow12Ultramicrotomy Chucks

Precision machined from aluminum. These special chucks are made to accommodate small specimen blocks, which have been polymerized in Eppendorf tubes. In addition, we also have chucks that hold all sizes of flat embedding blocks (fitting all Leica and RMC instruments), and chucks for LKB instruments.

69990 Flat embedding Chuck each
69991 LKB Chuck each
69992 Eppendorf Chuck for RMC each
69993 Eppendorf Chuck for LEICA each

Microtome Chucksarrow12Microtome Chucks

Aluminum Microtome Chucks with grooved surfaces for good specimen adhesion.

EMS065 Aluminum Microtome Chuck, Surface Diameter 45 mm with a 9.4 mm spigot each
EMS066 Aluminum Microtome Chuck, Surface Diameter 26 mm with a 9.4 mm spigot each
EMS067 Aluminum Barrel Microtome Chuck, Surface Diameter 22 mm with a 9.4 mm spigot each


PolarChuck™ cryostat embedding chucks are made of anodized aluminum. Deep rectangular waffle grid or circular pattern creates a more stable and secure tissue mount.

70171-01 PolarChuck™ L for Leica Cryostats, Waffle Grid, 30 mm each
70171-02 PolarChuck™ L for Leica Cryostats, Waffle Grid, 40 mm each
70171-03 PolarChuck™ Circular Pattern, 30mm Thin St each
70171-04 PolarChuck™ Circular Pattern, 40mm Thin St each
70171-05 PolarChuck™ A for Avantik/Microm Cryostats, Waffle Grid, 30 mm each
70171-06 PolarChuck™ A for Avantik/Microm Cryostats, Waffle Grid, 40 mm each

arrow12Chucks, Block Holders and Molding Cup Trays

Chucks, Block Holders and Molding Cup Traysarrow121. Aluminum Chucks

Machined from solid Aluminum. They come with set screws and a hex key.

70174-14 ABH-LBK Huxley Chuck. Stem measures 11 x 25 mm each
70174-20 ABH-JBA Chuck with a three point recessed block holder attachment: for LKB Histo Range and Reichert Super-Cut in addition to microtomes using ABH-JB chucks. Stem measures 11 x 11 mm each
Block HolderThick Embedding Stubsarrow122. EBH-2 Block Holder

Molded from hard plastic. EMS# 70175-50, 6m thick is shown to the right.

  • Easy to store block holders attached to Aluminum chucks (ABH)
  • Frosted surface for easy marking
  • Large center hole prevents bubble formation
70175-40 4mm EBH-2 Block Holder 100/pack
70175-50 6mm EBH-2 Block Holder (shown above) 50/pack
70175-60 10mm Thick Embedding Stubs 100/pack
Molding Cup Trayarrow123. Molding Cup Tray

These polyethylene trays are ideal for casting specimen blocks embedded with JB-4 or equivalents and are used with our block holders and chucks shown above.

Catalog # Molding Cup Size Cavities Pk
70176-10 6 x 12 x 5mm 20 each
70176-20 6 x 8 x 5mm Hexagon 9 3/pk
70176-25 2 x 15 x 5mm 9 3/pk
70176-30 13 x 19 x 5mm 9 3/pk

Polyethylene Moldsarrow12Polyethylene Molds - Individual

Molded from polyethylene, three popular sizes are available to meet your needs. These Individual Molds can be used with EBH2 Block Holders, #70175-50, 70175-60, or with colored stubs 70175-70.
Aluminum Embedding Tray is available with 6-position to hold these Individual Mold during polymerization. Comes with anodized blue and natural color.

Suitable for JB-4®, JB-4-Plus®, Immuno-Bed, LR White, LR Gold® or Paraffin embedding.

70177-12 Individual Mold, 12 x 8 mm 100/pack
70177-16 Individual Mold, 16 x 8 mm 100/pack
70177-19 Individual Mold, 19 x13 mm 100/pack
70178-04 Embedding Tray, Aluminum, (2 Blue & 2 Natural colors) 4/pack

Chien Silicone Universal-MoldChien Silicone Universal-Moldarrow12Chien Silicone Universal-Mold

A two-directional mold that allows for single embedded specimens to be sectioned both laterally and transversely. Tissues to be embedded are accurately trimmed and placed so that both sides of the tissue are against both edges of the cavity tip.

Chien, K., et al. (1985) Proc. Ann. EMSA Meeting 43, 460

70140 Chien Silicone Mold each
70141 Chien Silicone Mold 10/lot

Capsule Moldsarrow12Capsule Molds

Our molds are made from the strongest possible silicone rubber providing extremely high tear resistance. They are all reusable and produce embedding blocks of numerous shapes and sizes with a wide variety of tips. We also offer a mold which produces blocks to be used for re-embedding. Choose the one that best suits your embedding needs!

70150 Capsule Molds Type A: 10 cavities, 8mm diameter body, 5mm diameter tip, 11mm height, tapered tip. each
70160 Capsule Molds Type B: 12 cavities, 8mm diameter body, 5mm diameter tip 16mm height, tapered tip. each
70161 Capsule Molds Type C: 12 cavities cylindrical shapes, 8mm diameter, 16mm height, flat tip. each
70162 Capsule Molds Type D: 12 cavities cylindrical, 4mm diameter body, 17.5mm height, distance between hole centers 14.3mm. each

Embedding Capsule SubstituteEmbedding Capsule Substitutearrow12The Embedding Capsule Substitute

This 24 cavity mold produces a block similar to the embedding capsule block but with the following advantages: Resin polymerizes better in silicone rubber than in polypropylene or polyethylene - the rubber heats more evenly and retains the heat better than in plastic.

  • It is easier to see inside the well when centering the specimen in the tip
  • It is easier to remove the block from the well. There is no need for razor blades or press devices
  • The finished blocks have finer tips so when you trim deeper into the block the face doesn't increase in size rapidly; therefore, constant retrimming is not necessary
70165 The Embedding Capsule Substitute each

Mold for Long TissuesMold for Long Tissuesarrow12The Mold for Long Tissues

This mold accommodates longer pieces of tissues (muscle, skin biopsies, and many plant specimens)


  • Easy to embed long specimens and orient them properly. The tissues lie flat in the well; therefore, no horizontal trimming is needed
  • It is ideal for any specimen that needs immediate sectioning (e.g. cell monolayer). 24 cavities
70166 The Mold for Long Tissues each

Cell Culture MoldThe Cell Culture Mold: arrow12The Cell Culture Mold

This mold is designed primarily for embedding cell culture specimens grown either directly on the bottom of a dish or on the filter when cross sections of the cells are needed

  1. Cells grown on petri dishes are cut into strips just before the propylene oxide dehydration step; when Propylene Oxide is added, the strips lift right off the bottom
  2. When the strips are ready for embedment, they are rolled on an applicator stick into a wad and gently lowered into the well (the strips should not float)


  • Many cells can be examined in cross section
  • There is no need for trimming - sectioning can begin immediately
  • The curved side makes the tip very strong in spite of its thinness
  • Easy detection of a strip of cells
  • The label is placed on the round part so as not to interfere with the specimen
  • 24 cavities
70167 The Cell Culture Mold each

Chang Monolayer Moldsarrow12Chang Monolayer Molds

Designed by Dr. J.P. Chang for the embedding of a monolayer of cells. This specially designed mold has proven useful in the processing of frozen sections, ascite cells, fresh imprints, as well as blood and marrow smears. J. of Ultrastructural Res., 37, 370 (1971).

70910 Chang Mold 12 cavities, 20 x 10 x 1mm each
70920 Chang Mold 9 cavities, 20 x 20 x 1mm each

Slice Capsulesarrow12Flat Embedding Crystal

Observing the ultrastructure of cells under an electron microscope is an important aspect of biological research, especially in the neurosciences. These embedding crystals were designed to simplify the preparation of samples and make the process more time efficient.

71184 Flat Embedding Crystal kit

Slice Capsulesarrow12Slice Capsules

Preparing a sample for a transmission electron microscope is a long and difficult process. These slice capsules were designed to simplify the preparation of samples and make the process more time efficient.

71189 Slice Capsules 100/pk

EMS Multi-Well Embedding Moldarrow12EMS Round Cavity Silicone Molds

These molds are available in three different sizes and are made from blue silicone.

  1. 10 mm in diameter by 1.8 mm deep.
    There are 12 numbered cavities.
  2. 12.5 mm in diameter by 2.3 mm deep. There are 9 numbered cavities.
  3. 17.5 mm in diameter by 2.0 mm deep. There are 5 numbered cavities.
70927 Round Cavity Mold 10.0 mm each
70928 Round Cavity Mold 12.5 mm each
70929 Round Cavity Mold 17.5 mm each

Flat Embedding Moldsarrow12Flat Embedding Molds

A clear silicone rubber with very high tear strength. It can be reused more times than the conventional silicone molds. It is resistant to most epoxy resins and its clear base allows positioning of the specimen lighted from beneath.

arrow12Single Tapered Ends
70900 Standard flat embedding mold, 21 numbered cavities measures: 14mm Lx5mm Wx4mm D. (Clear silicone) each
70901 Same as #70900, but each of the 21 numbered cavities measures: 14mm Lx5mm Wx6mm D. (White silicone) each
70902 Same as #70900, but each of the 21 numbered cavities measures: 14mm Lx5mm Wx3mm D. (White silicone) each
arrow12Small Flat Embedding Mold

Made from clear silicone, the overall measurements are 1.65" x 3" with 12 cavities. Each cavity measures 0.427" L x 0.25" W x 0.156" D (10 mm L x 6 mm W x 4 mm D). This mold produces 12 embedding blocks with tapered ends.

70903 Small Flat Embedding Mold each
arrow12Double Tapered Ends

A standard flat embedding mold where both ends are tapered. This enables you to embed specimens in both ends of each casting. Made from white silicone, 21 numbered cavities, each cavity measuring: 14mm L x 4mm W x 4mm D

70870 Double Tapered Ends Mold each
arrow12Triple Tapered Ends

A new design with 10 triple numbered, tapered tip cavities to save you time and handling. Holds firmly in a chuck during trimming or sectioning. Made from white silicone, each cavity measures 8mm from tip to center, 5mm Deep.

70875 Triple Tapered Ends Mold each

BEEM® Flat Embedding Moldsarrow12BEEM®* Flat Embedding Molds

Molded from polyethylene. The critical surfaces of the mold are transparent, facilitating accurate specimen orientation through bottom illumination. Molds are reusable and each mold is supplied with a protective box.

The cavity measures: 12 mm L x 5 mm W x 3 mm D
Overall mold measures: 52 mm L x 40 mm W x 5 mm H
Storage box measures: 2⅓" L x 1¾" W x ½" H (57 x 45 x 12.5 mm)

70904-01 BEEM® Flat Embedding Mold each
70904-12 BEEM® Flat Embedding Mold 12/pk

*BEEM® Is A Registered Trademark of Better Equipment For Electron Microscopy, Inc

Flat Embedding For Acrylicsarrow12Flat Embedding with Convenient Box

No more stickiness with new storage box

Most resins are no longer a challenge to flat embed when used in combination with the Cocoon box. The system withstands temperatures up to 70 Degrees C, and our flat embedding of many resins is made easier.

70900-CB 4mm Flat Embedding Mold w/Cocoon Box set
70901-CB 6mm Flat Embedding Mold w/Cocoon Box set
70902-CB 3mm Flat Embedding Mold w/Cocoon Box set
70870-CB Double End Flat Embedding Mold w/ Cocoon Box set

PTFE Embedding Moldarrow12PTFE Embedding Mold

Machined from PTFE block. This mold offers flat embedding for most resins, including LR White®, LR Gold®, JB-4, Immuno-Bed and Lowicryl®. This PTFE Flat Embedding Mold can be used for both UV/low temperature and thermal cure, and may be used as a substitution for the silicone molds. The individual cavities are pre-shaped to reduce block trimming.

For curing anaerobic material, we recommend using Aclar® film, cut-to-size of the mold and lower on top of the mold after you 'just over-fill' the cavities with embedding resin. Due to the flexibility of the PTFE, you just bent the mold to pop out the cured resin blocks. After all the cast blocks have been removed, reinsert the mold to its holder to re-shape the mold. The mold holder is machined from aluminum and anodized black.

Mold with 18 cavities, each cavity measures 5 mm W x 14 mm L x 4 mm D

Overall mold measures: 5½" x 3" x ¼" (140 x 50 x 6 mm)

Mold is available as a set (includes one PTFE mold and one aluminum holder).

70143 PTFE Flat Embedding Mold, set each
70143-R PTFE Flat Embedding Mold only each

EMS Pyramid Tip Moldarrow12EMS Pyramid Tip Mold

Use our EMS Pyramid Tip Mold for sample preparation of difficult to orient specimens. The tips attach to plastic cylinders easily and quickly. When the tip is mounted, it has the same dimensions as our Beem® Embedding Capsules, Size 00, 8 mm I.D.

Material: Blue silicone rubber
Maximum temperature: 218°C (425°F)
30 Cavities: 61 x 72 x 6 mm thick
Numbering on outside of cavities: 1-30

70906 EMS Pyramid Tip Mold each

EMS Square Face Moldarrow12EMS Square Face Mold

Our EMS Square Face Mold features a wider tip area, which is perfect for embedding larger specimens with less resin, resulting in a larger initial section. Once solidified, the block can be glued to the end of a plexiglas rod or other holding device.

Material: Blue silicone rubber
Maximum temperature: 218°C (425°F)
30 Cavities: 61.5 x 72 x 6 mm thick
Numbering on outside of cavities: 1-30

70908 EMS Square Face Mold each

EMS Mounting Cylindersarrow12EMS Mounting Cylinders

Made of Lucite, these EMS Mounting Cylinders have smooth ends for attaching pyramid-tips easily.

Dimensions: 8 mm diameter x 13 mm length

70909 EMS Mounting Cylinders 100/pk

EMS Cross-Sectional Moldarrow12EMS Cross-Sectional Mold

This unique mold made from clear silicone has 18 cavities.

Each cavity measures 0.787" (20 mm) x 0.393" (10 mm) x 0.393" (10 mm) (L x W x D).

Overall mold dimensions: 5⅛ (130 mm) x 4-9/64" (105 mm) x 19/32" (15 mm) (L x W x D).

The mold has been tested to withstand 225°C.

70825 EMS Cross-Sectional Mold each

EMS Index Finder Moldarrow12EMS Index Finder Mold

This deep well mold offers an inner depth of 11mm with a width of 35mm. The inner cavity has 66 cavities. Each cavity is 316" (4.7mm). Labelled A-F horizontally and 1-11 vertically.

The overall dimensions of the mold are: 1¾ x 2¾ x ⅝" (45 x 70 x 16mm) thick. The inner dimensions are: 1.37 x 2.36 x .43" (35 x 6 x 11mm).

The molds have been tested to withstand up to 225° C. They are available in blue silicone or clear.

70916 EMS Index Finder Mold, Blue Silicone each
70917 EMS Index Finder Mold, Clear each

EMS Multi-Well Embedding Moldarrow12EMS Multi-Well Embedding Mold

This unique silicone mold comes in 3 different types of silicone, clear, white and blue, and has 2 different cavity sizes to meet all of your embedding needs.

2 Troughs: 1" L x ⅛" W x ⅛" D
14 Cavities: ¼" L x ½" W x ⅛" D
1 Trough: 2¾" L x 3/32" W x ⅛" D
10 Cavities: ⅜" L x ¾" W x ⅛" D

Each cavity has an alpha-numeric marking, A1-A7, B1-B7, C1-C5, D1-D5

Overall mold measures: 4¾" L x 3" W x ¼" H (121 x 76 x 6 mm)

70912 EMS Multi-Well Embedding Mold, Clear each
70913 EMS Multi-Well Embedding Mold, White each
70914 EMS Multi-Well Embedding Mold, Blue each

EMS Disposable Multi-Well Embedding Moldarrow12EMS Disposable Multi-Well Embedding Mold

A clear flexible LDPE mold. A great idea if you do not want to clean the molds. Same as our flat embedding silicone molds.

2 Troughs: 1" L x ⅛" W x ⅛" D
14 Cavities: ¼" L x ½" W x ⅛" D
1 Trough: 2¾" L x 3/32" W x ⅛" D
10 Cavities: ⅜" L x ¾" W x ⅛" D

Overall mold measures: 4⅜" L x 3" W x ¼" H (111 x 76 x 6 mm)

70918 EMS Disposable Multi-Well Embedding Mold each
70919 EMS Disposable Multi-Well Embedding Mold 12/pk

Stepped Microtome Embedding Moldarrow12Stepped Microtome Embedding Mold

EMS Embedding Mold is a new mold designed with Michael J. Dykstra Ph.D. from North Carolina State University Department of Veterinary Medicine. This Mold produces blocks of the best dimension to be held securely by Reichert/Leica Ultracut stepped microtome chucks. There are 24 cavities and the depth of each cavity is 4mm which will prevent breakage of the blocks during razor blade trimming.

Mold Measurements: 3⅜" x 3" (85 x 77 mm)

Cavity Measurements: 15 mm x 7 mm x 4 mm Deep

70907 Embedding Mold-Dykstra each

plastic flat embedding moldarrow12Plastic Flat Embedding Mold

  • Injected molded polyethylene
  • Resistant to most embedding materials
  • Easy peeled-off the blocks

Mold fits perfectly inside the cocoon box BE8 (64300-8); See Cocoon Box section.

These molds are reusable. Each cavity measures 12mm L x 5mm W x 3.5 mm D. Overall mold measures: 94 x 56 x 14 mm.

70905-01 EMS Molded Flat Embedding Mold each
70905-12 EMS Molded Flat Embedding Mold 12/pk

Tissue Culture Monolayer Embedding arrow12Tissue Culture Monolayer Embedding Mold: Thompson Embedding Mold

This invention is a mold used for embedding mammalian cells in monolayer culture in preparation of sectioning for light or electron microscopy. Tissue culture monolayer embedding molds eliminate the need for traditional BEEM® capsules. The improved molds can be used to transfer the majority of cells from the entire surface of a cover slip to avoid losses of large amounts of cellular information occurring only randomly. In addition, other problems such as surface blemishes caused by air entrapment associated with BEEM® capsules are eliminated.


  • The mold yields several individual blocks of resin from a single slip-cover
  • The resin blocks fit directly into a chuck for flat specimens
  • The embedded surfaces are free from blemishes caused by entrapped air
  • The mold uses a minimum amount of resin
70924 Thompson Mold each
70925 Thompson Mold 4/lot

Slide Duplicating Moldsarrow12Slide Duplicating Molds

Uses a 1 x 3" glass slide as a base, and duplicates the slide using the resin of your choice. Tissue sections are embedded against the flat glass surface. This duplicated resin slide can be studied under the Light Microscope, then cut, remounted, resectioned, and studied under the EM. A three cavity mold, each cavity measuring: 1" W x 3" L x 3/32" D. Reference & Instructions enclosed

70170 Slide Duplicating Mold each

Slide Duplicating Moldsarrow12Slide Duplicating With Cover Slip Mold

The same design as above 70170 but with the addition of three round cavities which are 17 mm in diameter and 1 mm Deep.

70172 Slide Duplicating w/Cover Slip Mold each

Информация для заказа

Наименование ОбъемПроизводствоМетод Кат.Номер
Заменитель встраиваемых капсул, EMS  1 ea.Electron Microscopy Sciences  70165 
Коробка для хранения 50 предметных стекол 50-Capacity Slide Box  штElectron Microscopy Sciences  71462 
Плоская форма для вложения 4 мм с коробкой для кокона  Electron Microscopy Sciences  70900-CB 
Стандартная плоская форма для заливки  Electron Microscopy Sciences  70900 
Форма Double Tapered Ends Mold  штElectron Microscopy Sciences  70870 
Форма Томпсона  Electron Microscopy Sciences  70924 
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