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Каталог продукции
  Клеточные технологии и
  Стволовые клетки (Stem Cells)  
  Общая информация
  Выделение стволовых клеток:
  · Сортер клеток MoFlo  
  · Опыт применения  
  Тестирование стволовых клеток:
  · Бак. Анализ на стерильность  
  · Вирусная и бактериальная диагностика  
  · HLA - генотипирование  
  · Проточная цитометрия  
  · Типирование эритроцитов пуповинной     крови (cord blood) 
  · Флуоресцентная микроскопия  
  Реагенты для культивирования,   анализа и дифференцировки   стволовых клеток:
  · Производства Dako  
  · Рекомбинантные белки (Prospec) 
  Оборудование для культивирования   стволовых клеток:
  · Роботизированный комплекс HAMILTON 
  · Innovatis Cellscreen 
  Гематология и трансфузиология
  Иммуноферментный анализ (ИФА)
  Клиническая биохимия
  Молекулярная диагностика
  Мультиплексный анализ  
  Оборудование для биохимии и
  молекулярной биологии
  Общелабораторное оборудование
  Пищевая промышленность  
  Программное обеспечение  
  Проточная цитометрия
  Рекомбинантные белки
  Репродуктивные технологии
  Секвенирование NGS
  Сортировка клеток
  Цитогенетическая диагностика

/ Каталог / Клеточные технологии и технологии для работы с клетками / Микроскопы. Микроскопическая техника / ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SCIENCES - Продукты для гистологии, световой микроскопии и электронной микроскопии / Specimen Preparation and Embedding Supplies

Glass Knife & Ultramicrotomy Supplies

arrow13Glass Knife & Ultramicrotomy Supplies

Glass Knife Making Pliersarrow12Glass Knife Making Pliers

These pliers are specially designed with its jaws ground to a special shape for ease of preparation when making glass knives.

62190-01 Glass Knife Making Pliers each

Glass Knife Scoring Jigarrow12Glass Knife Scoring Jig

These set of jigs assist in the production of making glass knives by hand. T-square jig: when the edge of this jig is placed against the edge of the glass knife strip the subsequent score will be 26 mm or 1" long. After breaking, the square of the glass can be scored at a 45 degree angle by using the other jig.

62192-02 Glass Knife Scoring Jig each

Diamond Glass Cutter arrow12Diamond Glass Cutter

Metal parts are made from nickel-plated brass, set into a maple handle. The rack can be used to crack single or double strength glass.

70038 Diamond Glass Cutter each

LKB Knifemaker Repair Kitarrow12LKB Knifemaker Repair Kit

A repair kit for the LKB Knifemaker.


  • 1 replacement cutter wheel
  • 1 replacement damping pad
  • 1 replacement knife alignment guide
EMS068 LKB Knifemaker Repair Kit each

Glass Knife Stripsarrow12Glass Knife Strips

Specially selected glass strips for making glass knives. Its hardness produces a durable and sharp edge suitable for thick, semi thin, or ultrathin sections.

arrow12Leica Glass
7890-04 Size 6.4mmx25.4mmx400mm 30 strips/pk
7890-08 Size 8mmx25.4mmx400mm 24 strips/pk
2078-110 Size 10mmx25.4mmx400mm 18 strips/pk
arrow12Ultramicrotomy Grade
12345 Size 6mmx25.4mmx406mm 30 strips/pk
12346 Size 6mmx38.1mmx406mm 20 strips/pk
71012 Size 6.4mmx25mmx400mm 30 strips/pk
12348 Size 6mmx50.8mmx203mm 50 strips/pk
12349 Size 6mmx25.4mmx203mm 24 strips/pk
12350-6 Size 6mmx25.4mmx203mm 6 strips/pk
12351-6 Size 6mmx38.1mmx203mm 6 strips/pk
71013 Size 8mmx25mmx400mm 24 strips/pk
12353 Size 8mmx25.4mmx203mm 24 strips/pk
71014 Size 10mmx25mmx400mm 18 strips/pk
12355 Size 10mmx25.4mmx203mm 20 strips/pk
12356 Size 10mmx25.4mmx203mm 24 strips/pk
12357 Size 10mmx50.8mmx203mm 30 strips/pk
12358 Size 10mmx50.8mmx101mm 24 strips/pk
12359 Size 12mmx50.8mmx203mm 25 strips/pk
12360 Size 12mmx25.4mmx203mm 16 strips/pk
71015 Size 12mmx50mmx100mm 16 strips/pk
arrow12Histology Grade
12362 Size 6mmx25.4mmx406mm 30 strips/pk
12363 Size 6mmx38mmx406mm 20 strips/pk
71016 Size 6.4mmx25mmx400mm 30 strips/pk
12365 Size 6mmx38mmx400mm 20 strips/pk
12366 Size 6mmx25.4mmx203mm 32 strips/pk
12367 Size 6mmx25.4mmx203mm 12 strips/pk
12368 Size 6mmx38.1mmx203mm 12 strips/pk
12369 Size 6mmx38.1mmx203mm 20 strips/pk
71017 Size 8mmx25mmx400mm 24 strips/pk
71018 Size 10mmx25mmx400mm 18 strips/pk
Triangular Tungsten Carbide Knife 

arrow12Triangular Tungsten Carbide Knife

These knives will fit most any ultramicrotomes and take the place of using glass knives. Perfect for trimming blocks, block facing, and for sectioning hard samples. The quality does compare to glass knives and these blades can be resharpened if desired.


Cutting edge length 38" (9.6 mm)
Blade height 1.0" (25.4 mm)
Blade thickness 38" (9.6 mm)
Cutting angle 40°
Material 100% high grade, solid Tungsten Carbide
Section thickness 2-15 microns
71019-10 Triangular Tungsten Carbide Knife 3/pk

EMS Ultra-Microtome Aidarrow12EMS Ultra-Microtome Aid

Made from hard plastic (Delrin) with a beautifully machined finish to handle many of your instruments that need to be at your fingertips during sectioning.

This EMS Ultra-microtome Aid is a safe place to rest your diamond knife, diamond trimming tool, tweezers, hair curl or eye lash, diamond knife cleaning rods, perfect-loop for picking up sections.

Note: This unit is not a safe device to store your sectioning knives, such as diamond or glass knives, after you're finished with the sectioning.

70612 EMS Ultramicrotome Aid each

Finger Cots; Latexarrow12Finger Cots; Latex

Inexpensive, expandable finger cots. Seamless. Protective dexterity without covering the entire hand. Powderless, non-rolled. 3 ½mil (0.0030"), 2 ¾"(40mm)L.

71130 Latex Finger Cots Small 1 gross/pk
71131 Latex Finger Cots Medium 1 gross/pk
71132 Latex Finger Cots Large 1 gross/pk

Diamond Knife Washarrow12EMS Diamond Knife Wash

This new concept of washing the Diamond knives using magnetic stirring action (with special stirring bar) gives you a fast, clean and safe method to remove particles that are left on the knives edge after sectioning.

Since most of the EM labs already have stirring plates, the Diamond Knife Wash has been designed for use with your existing unit, saving you the need to purchase an extra one. It is universal and can be used for all type and brands of Diamond Knives, including the Diatome Histo Knife.

Warning: Never use on a hot plate. If used on a combination Stirrer/Hot Plate, make sure the heat is off.

70605 Diamond Knife Wash each

msdsDental Wax Sheets arrow12Dental Wax Sheets

Pink wax is a hard and thick wax sheet that is ideal for mincing and cutting tissues. Red wax is no longer available.

Approximately 31 to 35 sheets per pound.

72660 Pink Dental Wax 1lb/bx
72670 Pink Dental Wax 5lb/bx

Technical Tip

Dental Wax to Make Trufs

Downloadable PDFHot Pen - Wax PenHot Pen - Wax Pen; A Tool for Separating Sectionsarrow12Hot Pen - Wax Pen; A Tool for Separating Sections

Powered by AA batteries. This pen helps to flatten and separate tissue sections and reduces compression in thin sections.

Available in two models: Wax Pen 1 is powered by one AA battery; Wax Pen 2 is powered by two AA batteries. Both pens are using the same tip. Replacement tip (Cat. #72679-RT) is a straight one. Replacement tip (Cat. #72679-03) is a set of three different configurations: Straight, Hook, and "U" Shaped Tips.

Cat # Length with Tip w/o w/Cap Diameter  
72678 Wax Pen 1 6½" 6¾" ¾", 18 mm each
72679 Wax Pen 2 8¼" 8¾" ¾", 18 mm each
72679-RT Replacement Tip       each
72679-03 Replacement Tips       set of 3

technical data sheetPortable Heat Pen; Soldering Ironarrow12Portable Heat Pen; Soldering Iron

This portable heat pen is able to heat up to 700°C and automatically recharges every time it is placed back into its recharging stand. It will last approximately 40 minutes on a full charge. Tip length 1". It is useful for the sealing of wax onto glass knife boats and small soldering jobs around the lab. The set includes the heat pen and recharging stand.

72677-10 Portable Heat Pen Set each
72677-50 Replacement Fine Tip each
72677-51 Replacement Heavy Tip each

msdsNail Polish; Cleararrow12Nail Polish; Clear

Used for sealing the boats made from tape to the glass knives.

72180 Nail Polish ½ oz

Absorbent Paper Pointsarrow12Absorbent Paper Points

Machine rolled paper with a tapered end which offers good water absorbency, and assists you in the removal of surplus water from the knife boat, on the block face, and from the grids.

Available in two assortment sizes: (the bigger the number the larger the point.)

71011-01 Paper Points, Selection 1: Contains 200 assorted points sizes 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40. 200/bx
71011-02 Paper Points, Selection 2: contains 200 assorted points sizes 45, 50, 55, 60, 70, and 80. 200/bx

Glass Knife Boatsarrow12Glass Knife Boats

These disposable plastic boats which easily attach to the triangular glass knife making a trough. To use: Simply slip the boat on the glass knife back and seal with either hot melted wax or nail polish.

71007 6.4 mm Glass Knife Boat 50/pk
71008 6.4 mm Glass Knife Boat 100/pk

Glass Knife Boat: Quick Boatarrow12Glass Knife Boat: Quick Boat

These boats are made from aluminum and are anodized black. They come complete with a set screw on one side. The area where the glass knife will be attached, is cut to fit to the width of the knife and is cushioned by silicone rubber to ensure a tight seal and no leakage.

71009-60 Quick Boat, for 6.0mm Knife each
71009-64 Quick Boat, for 6.4mm Knife each
71009-80 Quick Boat for 8.0mm Knife each
71009-10 Quick Boat for 10.0 mm Knife each

Hair Curlarrow12Hair Curl

Made from human hair; good for removing sections, and cleaning the diamond knife.

71180 Hair Curl each

Eyelash ManipulatorEyelash Manipulator Tiparrow12Eyelash Manipulator; A Traditional EM Tool

For direct manipulation of sections and small tissue samples this tool is perfect for any occasion. May be used during ultramicrotomy to carefully tease sections that are in the Diamond Knife boat. The Eyelash comes on a Sable Brush handle made from the highest quality wood.

These Eyelashes may be cleaned and sterilized with alcohol and a tissue.

71182 Eyelash Manipulator each 13.00 Add to Cart

Glass Knife Boxarrow12Glass Knife Box

Has a soft silicone base, anti-slip pads underneath, and a clear plastic, hinged dust cover for storing glass knives. Holds 10 6.4mm glass knives.

Measures: 6⅛"(L) x 2-9/32"(W) x 1½"(H) (115mm x 58mm x 37mm).

71010 Glass Knife Box each

For more ultramicrotomy tools

Please see Ultramicrotomy Aid Tools.

Flat Emery Sticksarrow12Flat Emery Sticks

Emery paper which is glued to a wooden handle. 11" long x ¾" wide (279 x 19.1mm). Very useful for filing excess resin of sample block tips. Grit size ranges from number 4/0 (finest) to 3 (coarsest).

Catalog No. Grit Pack
62119-04 4/0 dozen
62119-03 3/0 dozen
62119-02 2/0 dozen
62119-01 1/0 dozen
62119-10 1 dozen
62119-20 2 dozen
62119-30 3 dozen
62119-40 4 dozen

Filing/ Polishing Stick and Stripsarrow12Filing/ Polishing Stick and Strips

A plastic handle, 10½" (267 mm) long, holds strips of emery paper or cloth 11" x 1" (279 x 25.4mm). Strips are easily replaced. Comes complete with 2 strips/set (grit 120 and 240).

62118-02 Filing/ Polishing Stick and Strips set
62118-12 Emery Refills in 12 Assorted Grids set

arrow12Emery Paper

Please see listing in Tweezers, Micro-Tools, and Gadgets.

Silver Tapearrow12Silver Tape

Silver coated polyester tape, ⅜" width, 72 yards long, 3" core; good for making glass knife boats.

77700 Silver Tape each
77701 Silver Tape ½" x 72 yds each

arrow12For Color Tapes

Please see the listing in the Photography Section

arrow12Duster Products; Dust-Off

Please see the complete listing of Environmentally Safe Dust-Off Products.

arrow12Ralph Glass Knife Maker

Please see the complete listing Ralph Glass Knife Maker

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