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Каталог продукции
  Клеточные технологии и
  Стволовые клетки (Stem Cells)  
  Общая информация
  Выделение стволовых клеток:
  · Сортер клеток MoFlo  
  · Опыт применения  
  Тестирование стволовых клеток:
  · Бак. Анализ на стерильность  
  · Вирусная и бактериальная диагностика  
  · HLA - генотипирование  
  · Проточная цитометрия  
  · Типирование эритроцитов пуповинной     крови (cord blood) 
  · Флуоресцентная микроскопия  
  Реагенты для культивирования,   анализа и дифференцировки   стволовых клеток:
  · Производства Dako  
  · Рекомбинантные белки (Prospec) 
  Оборудование для культивирования   стволовых клеток:
  · Роботизированный комплекс HAMILTON 
  · Innovatis Cellscreen 
  Гематология и трансфузиология
  Иммуноферментный анализ (ИФА)
  Клиническая биохимия
  Молекулярная диагностика
  Мультиплексный анализ  
  Оборудование для биохимии и
  молекулярной биологии
  Общелабораторное оборудование
  Пищевая промышленность  
  Программное обеспечение  
  Проточная цитометрия
  Рекомбинантные белки
  Репродуктивные технологии
  Секвенирование NGS
  Сортировка клеток
  Цитогенетическая диагностика

/ Каталог / Клеточные технологии и технологии для работы с клетками / Микроскопы. Микроскопическая техника / ELECTRON MICROSCOPY SCIENCES - Продукты для гистологии, световой микроскопии и электронной микроскопии / Chemicals for Microscopy

Glycerine to HPMA

msdsarrow12Fluorescein Isothiocyanate, Isomer I, Certified (FITC)

C21H11NO5S   F.W. 389.39   CAS #3326-32-7
Assay >90%
Water soluble.

0-5°C 15670   ½g

arrow12Fluoromount-G™, Slide Mountant

Please see listing in Adhesives and Mountants.

msdsarrow12Formamide, Ultra High Purity

HCONH2   F.W. 45.04   CAS #75-12-7
Specific Gravity: 1.128-1.132
Glass Distilled. Exceeds A.C.S. Specifications

Assay   99.9%
Iron.   0.5ppm
Copper   0.1ppm
Lead   0.5ppm
Zinc   0.5ppm
RT 15745 Formamide, Ultra High Purity 100 ml
RT 15746 Formamide, Ultra High Purity 500 ml
RT 15747 Formamide, Ultra High Purity 4x500 ml

msdsarrow12Formic Acid 96%, Reagent, A.C.S.

HCOOH   F.W. 46.03   CAS #64-18-6
Specific Gravity: 1.22

RT 15750 Formic Acid 96% 225 ml
RT 15760 Formic Acid 96% 1 liter

msdsarrow12Formvar 15/ 95 Resin, Powder

CAS #63450-15-7
Polyvinyl formvar desiccated. Used to prepare Support films.
Soluble in ethylene dichloride, chloroform or dioxane.

RT 15800 Formvar 15/ 95 Resin 100g

arrow12Formvar Solution in Ethylene Dichloride

Microfiltered-ready to use.

RT 15810 0.25% msds 100 ml
RT 15820 0.50% msds 100 ml
RT 15830 1.00% msds 100 ml
RT 15830-25 1.00% msds 4x25 ml

arrow12Gach Kit

Please see listing in Embedding Media Kits.

RT 15920 Kit consists of: kit
10x10 ml 50% EM grade Glutaraldehyde msds
10x1.5g Carbohydrazide msds

Technical Tip:

Preparation of Gelatin Adhesive

arrow12Gelatin, Powder, U.S.P.

CAS #9000-70-8
Solubility: 12% in H2O at 20°C
pH (1% in H2O): 3.5-5.0
Residue after ignition: <2%
Type A-from Porcine skin (acid cured tissue)
Type B-from Bovine skin (base cured tissue)
The strength of the gel is based on the bloom number. The higher the bloom number the stronger the gel.

  • Used as a combination Acrylamide-Gelatin-Jung resin for cryosectioning of large and soft tissues (eggs, fishes, insects) Hartmann, R. (1984). A new embedding medium for cryosectioning eggs of high yolk and lipid content. Eur. J. Cell Biol., 34:206
  • Used to prepare gelatin-chrome alum adhesive to coat glass slides for mounting semi-thin sections for staining.
RT 16560 Gelatin, Type A; × 60 Bloom msds 100g
RT 16562 Gelatin, Type A; × 175 Bloom msds 100g
RT 16564 Gelatin, Type A; × 300 Bloom msds 100g
RT 16566 Gelatin, Type B; × 75 Bloom msds 100g
RT 16568 Gelatin, Type B; × 225 Bloom msds 100g

msdsHistocryl Resin arrow12Giemsa Solution, C.N.#DcGe-19

Glycerin (CAS#: 56-81-5): 61%
Methyl Alcohol (CAS#: 67-56-1): 38.3%
Azur II (CAS#: 37247-10-2): 0.16%
Azur II Eosin (CAS#: 53092-85-6): 0.06%

Specific Gravity: 0.89
Differentiates types of leucocytes, bacteria and inclusion bodies.
Giemsa, Centralbl. F. Publ., Abt. 1,37, 308 (1904) Stain for thick blood films; shows malarial parasites. Barber and Komp, Publ. Health Rep., 44, 2330 (1929) Bone marrow and stain for showing cell morphology; together with May-Grunwald Solution for pap staining. Pappenheim, Folia Haemat., 13, 338 (1912)

RT 15940 Giemsa Stain Solution 100 ml

msdsarrow12Giemsa Stain, C.N.#DcGe-19, Powder

CAS #51811-82-6
Please see listing in Certified Dyes/Stains.

RT 15942   10g

arrow12For our Giesma Stain Solution

Please see listing in Histology: Certified Dyes/Stains.

arrow12For our Differential Quick Staining Kit (Modified Giesma) Stain Solution

Please see listing in Histology: Prepared Staining Solutions.

arrowGill's Hematoxylin Staining Solution

Gill's Hematoxylin is a specially formulated solution for use as a biological stain for the nuclei and nuclear chromatin of normal and abnormal cells whether in whole or sliced cells. Our Gill's Hematoxylin is designed to use at its full strength. It is microfiltered prior to shipment; therefore, filtration before use is not required. For repeated use further filtration is recommended. At the discretion of the user, the Gill's Hematoxylin No. 2 and No. 3 may be diluted with ethylene glycol (25% is recommended) to produce a weaker stain solution.

RT 26030-10 Gill's Hematoxylin No. 1 msds 1 L
RT 26030-14 Gill's Hematoxylin No. 1 4 L
RT 26030-20 Gill's Hematoxylin No. 2 msds 1 L
RT 26030-24 Gill's Hematoxylin No. 2 4 L
RT 26030-30 Gill's Hematoxylin No. 3 msds 1 L
RT 26030-34 Gill's Hematoxylin No. 3 4 L

msdsarrow12Glycerine, Reagent, A.C.S.

C3H5(OH)3   F.W. 92.10   CAS #56-81-5

Specific Gravity   1.23
Assay   <99.5%
Residue after Ignition   0.005%
Chlorinated Compounds(as Cl)   0.003%
Sulfate   To Pass Test
Heavy Metals (as Pb)   0.0002%
RT 16550   450 ml

msdsarrow12(GMA), Glycol-Methacrylate, Low Acid

(2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate monomer, inhibited;HEMA)
C6H10O3   F.W. 130.14   CAS#868-77-9
Specific Gravity: 1.07
b.p. 67°C
Inhibited with approximately 330ppm MEHQ
A water soluble monomer.

RT 16800   450 ml

Article of Interest

Preparation of Glycol Methacrylate

msdsarrow12Glyoxal 3% Fixative, Ready to Use

An alternative fixative to Formalin and Formaldehyde.

EMS is proud to introduce an alternative to Formalin and Formaldehyde in many different applications.

Our unique kit comes premixed and measured and ready to use. The kit consists of 2 vials: Solution A & Solution B (Absolute Ethanol, Glyoxal Solution, Acetic Acid and water).


Add solution A to solution B. Vortex the two solutions together and bring to a pH of 4.5 with the addition of NaOH 1M. The solution needs to be used immediately once mixed.


Sabatini DD. et al (1963) "The preservation of cellular ultrastructure and enzymatic activity by aldehyde fixation". J. Cell Biology. 17:19-58

Janigan DT. et al (1965) "The effects of aldehyde fixation on acid phosphatase activity in tissue blocks". J. Histochemistry. Cytochemistry. 13: 476-483

Dapson RW. et al (2006) "Glyoxal fixation and its relationship to immunocytochemistry." J. Histotechnology. 29: 65-76

Dapson RW. Et al (2007) "Glyoxal fixation: how it works and why it only occasionally needs antigen retrieval" lnforma healthcare, Dapson & Dapson, LLC

Richter K. et al (2018) "Glyoxal as an alternative to formaldehyde in immunostaining and super-resolution microscopy" The EMBO Journal. 37: 139-159

2-8°C 16525 Glyoxal 3% Fixative 100 ml

GMA, Water Solublearrow12GMA Embedding Kit

Please see listing in Embedding Media Kits.

RT 14200 Kit consists of: kit
450 ml Glycol methacrylate, GMA msds
225 ml n-Butyl methacrylate msds
15 gm Benzoyl Peroxide Paste msds

msdsGMA, Water Solublearrow12GMA-PEG Embedding Kit Polyethylene Glycol- Glycol methacrylate mixture.

Please see listing in Embedding Media Kits.

RT 14250 Kit consists of: kit
450 ml Glycol methacrylate, GMA msds
225 ml n-Butyl methacrylate msds
50 ml Ethylene glycol dimethacrylate msds
20 ml Polyethylene Glycol 400 msds
15g Benzoyl Peroxide Paste msds

msdsarrow12Gold Chloride, Hydrate(Chloroauric Acid; Hydrogen Tetrachloroaurate)

H(AuCl4)·H2O   F.W. 357.79   CAS #16961-25-4
Assay 99.9985%
Gold contents 49%+
A highly purified gold compound for the preparation of Colloidal Gold sols. Preweighed to facilitate your work. (Preparation instructions for Gold Sols included)

RT 16580   10x1/10g
RT 16582   10x1/2g
RT 16583   1g
RT 16584   10x1g

arrow12Gold Chloride Solutions

Please see listing in Reagents for Histology.

arrow12Tannic Acid, used to prepare gold sols

Please see listing in Chemicals.

msdsarrowGram's Iodine Solution

For use as a bacterial, fungal and inclusion body stain.

RT 26054-05 Gram's Iodine Solution 500 ml
RT 26054-06 Gram's Iodine Solution 1 L

arrow12Graphite Adhesives

Please see listing in Colloidal Compounds.

arrow12Gum Mastic

Please see listing in Reagents for Histology.

arrow12HANKS's Balanced Salt Solution (HBSS)

All of our Hanks' Balanced Salt Solutions contain: Potassium Chloride, Potassium Phosphate Monobasic, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Phosphate Dibasic, and D-Glucose. Some formulations may contain additional components. Use the table below as a quick reference for identifying the one that best suits your application. All solutions are prepared in 1X strength.

Ingredients F.W. Formula I Formula II Formula III
KCl 74.56 X X X
NaCl 58.44 X X X
Na2HPO4. 7H2O 268.07 X X X
D-Glusose 180.16 2 g/L 1 g/L ----
MgSO4. 7H2O 246.48 X X X
CaCl2, 2H2O 147.02 X X X
KH2PO4 136.09 X X X
NaHCO3 84.01 X X X
Phenol Red   0.02 g/L 0.02 g/L 0.015 g/L
RT 11768-05 HBSS, Formula I, 0.179M msds 500 ml
RT 11768-10 HBSS, Formula I, 0.179M 1 L
RT 11769-05 HBSS, Formula II, 0.155M msds 500 ml
RT 11769-10 HBSS, Formula II, 0.155M 1 L
RT 11770-05 HBSS, Formula III, 0.147M msds 500 ml
RT 11770-10 HBSS, Formula III, 0.147M 1 L

arrowHarris' Hematoxylin

Stain selectivity for nuclei, fat and lipids. Ready-to-use.

RT 26041-05 Harris' Hematoxylin msds 500 ml
RT 26041-06 Harris' Hematoxylin 1 L
RT 26041-20 Harris' Hematoxylin without Mercury msds 500 ml

msdsarrow12Hematoxylin, Certified, C.N.#DcH-48

(Natural Black I, Hydroxybrasilin)
C16H14O6   F.W. 302.29   CAS #517-28-2
Solubility: 10.0% Water; 10.0% Alcohol; 9.5% Cellosolve; 10% Glycol; 0.0% Xylene. A certified biological stain used in histology and cytology and plastic embedded tissues.
Chen, Chang, S., J Arch. of Path., 93,334 (1972).

RT 16620   10g

Technical Tip

Hematoxylin Staining Tips

msdsarrow12Hepes 0.2M Buffer Solution

Please see listing in Prepared Buffers.

RT 11494   500 ml

msdsarrow12Hepes, Crystal, Biological Buffer

(N-2-Hydroxyethylpiperazine-N'-2-Ethanesulfonic acid)
C8H18O4N2S   F.W. 238.30   CAS #7365-45-9

Assay   >99%
pKa @20°C   7.55
pH Range   7.0-8.0
A(260) (1.0M in H2O)   <0.05
Ash   <0.1%
Good's buffer.    
RT 16780   25g
RT 16782   100g

msdsarrow12(HMDS), Hexamethyldisilazane, Reagent

(CH3)3SiNHSi(CH3)3   F.W. 161.40   CAS #999-97-3
b.p. 126.7°C
Assay >97.0%
Specific Gravity @25°C 0.774
Refractive Index @20°C: 1.407
* For fast preparation of soft insect tissues for SEM. A good substitution for critical point drying. Int. J. Insect Morh. Embryol., 12(4), 201 (1983) Stain Tech., 58(6), 347 (1983)
* Bray, D.F., Et-al. (1993). Micros. Res. and Technique. 26:489-495. A comparison of HMDS, Peldri II, and critical point drying methods for SEM of biological specimens.

RT 16700   100 ml

msdsarrow12Hexamethylenetetramine A.C.S. Reagent, Granular

(Urotropine; Methenamine)
C6N4   F.W. 140.19   CAS #100-97-0
Assay: 99.0-100.5%

Residue after Ignition   0.1%
Chloride   0.014%
Sulfate   To Pass Test
Heavy Metals.   0.001%

Used in silver stains.
Swift, J.A. (1968) Microsc. Soc. 88, 449.

RT 16710   50g
RT 16710-25*   25g

*We are now offering Hexamethylenetetramine in 25 ml bottles to avoid its classification as a hazardous chemical for shipping purposes.

msdsarrow12Hexylene Glycol, Reagent, A.C.S.

(CH3)2C(OH)CH2CH(OH)CH3   F.W. 118.18   CAS #107-41-5
Specific Gravity @25°C 0.923
A.C.S. Specifications:

Assay   99%
IR Spectrum   To Pass Test
Refractive Index @20°C   0.921-0.923

Mixed with water in all proportions. Used as a dehydrating agent for fat tissues.

RT 16740   450 ml
RT 16750   4x450 ml

GMA, Water Solublearrow12HPMA Embedding Kit

Please see listing in Embedding Media Kits.

RT 14220   kit

msdsarrow12HRP Conjugate Diluent

Specifically designed for preparing solution of your HRP-conjugate used as the detection reagent. It is the Antibody-dilutent buffer with additional component for stabilizing your HRP-conjugate. Allows you to further standardize the assay preparing ready-to-use conjugate solutions in advance and store them in refrigerator without loss of activity.

4-8°C 62716 HRP Conjugate Diluent 50 ml
4-8°C 62717 HRP Conjugate Diluent 125 ml
4-8°C 62718 HRP Conjugate Diluent 500 ml

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Formvar Solution in Ethylene Dichloride 0.25%, 100 мл  Electron Microscopy Sciences  15810 
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