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/ Каталог / Молекулярная диагностика / ПЦР (Полимеразная цепная реакция) / Реагенты и тест-системы для ПЦР / Реагенты и тест-системы для ПЦР ScienCell Research Laboratories, Inc.

Набор Relative Rat Telomerase Length Quantification qPCR Assay Kit

Relative Rat Telomere Length Quantification qPCR Assay Kit

ScienCell's Relative Rat Telomere Length Quantification qPCR Assay Kit (RRTLQ) is designed to directly compare the average telomere length of the samples.


Telomeres are repetitive nucleotide elements at the ends of chromosomes that protect chromosomes from degradation and genetic information loss. Normal diploid cells lose telomeres with each cell cycle. Telomere length, therefore, decreases over time and may predict lifespan. Telomere shortening has negative effects on health conditions and has been linked to many health issues including aging and cancer. Accurate and consistent quantification of telomere length is important in many aspects of cell biology such as chromosomal instability, DNA repair, senescence, apoptosis, cell dysfunctions, and oncogenesis.

ScienCell's Relative Rat Telomere Length Quantification qPCR Assay Kit (RRTLQ) is designed to directly compare the average telomere length of the samples. The telomere primer set recognizes and amplifies telomere sequences. The single copy reference (SCR) primer set recognizes and amplifies a 100 bp-long region on rat chromosome 17, and serves as reference for data normalization. The carefully designed primers ensure: (i) high efficiency for trustworthy quantification; and (ii) no non-specific amplification. Each primer set has been validated by qPCR with melt curve analysis and gel electrophoresis for amplification specificity and by template serial dilution for amplification efficiency.

Product Sheets


Catalog No. R8908
Country of Manufacture United States
Product Code RRTLQ
Size/Quantity 100 reactions
Product Use This product is for research use only. It is not approved for use in humans, animals, or in vitro diagnostic procedures.
Storage Upon receipt, store the primers at -20°C in a manual defrost freezer, and nuclease-free H2O at 4°C.
Shipping Info Ambient temperature.


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ScienCell Research Laboratories (SRL) takes pride in being a resource for researchers all over the world. The publications listed here are not meant as an endorsement or confirmation of the reliability of the research methods. Our sole intention of sharing the research publications listed here is to provide research related insights and innovations of our products with other researchers.

Информация для заказа

Область использования:Производство:ScienCell Research Laboratories, Inc.
Объем:100 reactions 
Кат. номер:R8908
Цена (с НДС 20%):по запросуВ корзину
Наименование: Набор Relative Rat Telomerase Length Quantification qPCR Assay Kit / Relative Rat Telomere Length Quantification qPCR Assay Kit.
Примечание: Набор для количественного определения относительной длины теломер крысы
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