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Антитела моноклональные мышиные к человеческим p63, клон DAK-p63

Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human p63 Protein, Clone DAK-p63

Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human p63 Protein, Clone DAK-p63, is intended for use in immunohistochemistry. Antibodies to p63 protein, a
basal epithelial cell proliferation regulator (1), may be useful for the identification of prostate adenocarcinoma as an aid in the
differentiation between benign prostate lesions andprostate adenocarcinoma (2, 3). Antibodies to p63 may also be useful as an aid in
the differentiation between breast carcinoma in situ and breast carcinoma (4), to differentiate squamous cell carcinoma from
adenocarcinoma of the lung (5, 6) and to differentiate uterine cervical squamous carcinoma from cervical adenocarcinoma (7).
The clinical interpretation of any staining or its absence should be complemented by morphological studies using proper controls and
should be evaluated within the context of the patient's clinical history and other diagnostic tests bya qualified pathologist.

Synonyms for antigen  Tumor protein (p63).

The p63 protein is a member of the p53 family, which also includes p73. The p63 gene encodes multiple isoforms: isoforms containing
a potent amino-terminal transactivation domain (TAp63 isoforms) and isoforms lacking that region (∆Np63 isoforms) (8, 9).
Although the TAp63 isoforms can transactivate p53 target genes, e.g. Bax and p21
and induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest
(10), p63 is not a tumor suppressor (9). The ∆Np63 isoforms act in a dominant-negative manner by competing for the p53 target genes and
indirectly promote cell growth by counteracting theapoptosis and cell cycle arrest activation by TAp63 isoforms and p53 (1, 10, 11).
P63 is a marker of non-invasive epithelial tumors, whereas loss of p63 expression is seen in more invasive tumors suggesting that loss
of p63 accelerates tumorigenesis and metastasis (10). However, a lack of p63 is not a reliable marker of invasiveness and even though
p63 is expressed in the minority of breast carcinomas, rare cases of nuclear p63 expression are found (9).
Frequently, tumors have simultaneous transcriptional up-regulation of both the TAp63 and the ∆Np63 isoforms, with ∆Np63 being the
predominant at protein level. Some lung cancers and squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck show p63 protein
overexpression associated with a modest increase in p63 gene copy numbers, but the major p63 isoforms are ∆Np63 isoforms.
Similarly, in nasopharyngeal carcinomas and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, ∆Np63 isoforms are the major isotypes (9).
The predominant localization of p63 protein is in basal cells of normal epithelia in ectocervix, esophagus, prostate, skin, tonsil,
urothelium, and vagina and in basal cells in glandular structures of breast, bronchi and prostate. p63 protein is also expressed in
myoepithelial cells of the breast (9).

Reagent provided Monoclonal mouse antibody provided in liquid form as cell culture supernatant (containing fetal calf serum) dialyzed against 0.05 mol/L Tris/HCl, pH 7.2, and containing 0.015 mol/L sodiumazide
Clone:DAK-p63. Isotype:IgG2a, kappa. Mouse IgG

concentration mg/L:See label on vial.

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Наименование: Антитела моноклональные мышиные к человеческим p63, клон DAK-p63 / Monoclonal Mouse Anti-Human p63 Protein, Clone DAK-p63.
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