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Антитела Antibodies-online

What do we do?

We are the online marketplace for proteomic products

We offer more than 1 million research antibodies, ELISA kits, proteins and related products from over 150 suppliers. This is a unique portfolio on the web.

We help Scientists find the right product

We want to provide transparency in the life science market and simplify the search for the correct product. To achieve this, we constantly work on the search function of antibodies-online.com. By standardizing product data, we make the products on our website comparable. If a scientist has trouble finding the matching product, our scientific support team provides help.

Which is the right product? To answer this question our website provides independently validated product data and details about the validation experiments. This reduces the need to buy several antibodies for the same experiment.

Our scientific support team also delivers after-sales support. Any questions or issues that arise after a purchase can be dealt with by experienced scientists.

We support Science

Independent Validation InitiativeOur Independent Validation Initiative aims at fundamentally changing the quality of product data in the life science market. Supplier-independent validation provides an objective basis to decide on the quality of products. As one of the first participants of the Reproducibility Initiative, we want to make experiments reproducible, increase the chance for successful research and reduce the waste of resources.

We sponsor scientific conferences and awards like in 2013 the “BioMed Central Research Awards” or the “3rd Heidelberg Forum for Young Life Scientists 2013”

Информация для заказа

Наименование ОбъемПроизводствоМетод Кат.Номер
CD16 antibody (CD16) (PE)  100 testsAntibodies-online  ABIN1303145 
CD3 antibody (CD3) (FITC)  100 testsAntibodies-online  ABIN1741588 
CD56 antibody (Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule 1) (PE)  100 testsAntibodies-online  ABIN94190 
Complement C3d antibody (FITC)  Antibodies-online  ABIN5568099 
Антитела Amiloride-Sensitive Cation Channel 2, Neuronal (ACCN2) (AA 499-528), (C-Term) antibody  0,4 млAntibodies-online  ABIN950535 
Антитела Amiloride-Sensitive Cation Channel 3 (ACCN3) (N-Term) antibody  100 мкгAntibodies-online  ABIN630092 
Антитела CHRNA7 antibody (Cholinergic Receptor, Nicotinic, alpha 7 (Neuronal)) (Exon 5)  100 мкгAntibodies-online  ABIN2750640 
Антитела GFAP antibody (Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein) (AA 93-432)  100 мкгAntibodies-online  ABIN3043832 
Антитела Keratin 3 (KRT3) antibody (FITC)  Antibodies-online  ABIN702062 
Антитела LYPD6 antibody (LY6/PLAUR Domain Containing 6)  100 мклAntibodies-online  ABIN5582866 
ИФА набор Набор Activin A Receptor, Type IIB (ACVR2B) ELISA Kit (+4 и -20)  96Antibodies-online ELISA ABIN1120360 
ИФА набор Набор Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Nuclear Translocator-Like (ARNTL) ELISA Kit (+4 и-20 °C)  Antibodies-online ELISA ABIN1122543 
ИФА набор Набор Malondialdehyde ELISA Kit ABIN512265 (+4)  96Antibodies-online ELISA ABIN512265 
ИФА набор Набор Solute Carrier Family 26, Member 4 (SLC26A4) ELISA Kit  96Antibodies-online ELISA ABIN1147203 
ИФА набор Набор Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) ELISA Kit  1 упAntibodies-online ELISA ABIN365713 
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